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Running on grass

Hi all , just done my first 5k run on our local playing fields the reason being is the race for life I'm taking part in is being held on there Sunday . I've never run on grass for that long before & I found it harder than road running, do any of you find this ? . This heat is not doing much for me either I'm getting slower I really can't cope with it even at 6.30 am , but I guess we are all in the same boat . Roll on autumn , happy running all

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I was advised to run on grass because of knee problems when I started. I did find it a little bit harder to start with, but I prefer it now. You just have to watch out for dips and holes though! I feel a bit of a twit running up and down the playing field, but I'm past caring now. People can laugh if they like.


It's a bit spongy so it's a bit harder on the legs I think. Hopefully if it stays dry it will be firmer. You can only do your best in this energy-sapping heat. Good on you for doing it!

Go Rockette!


Yes me too, I first ran on grass at the start of c25k (dodgy knees also) but do find it trickier now as I have to look out for dips etc I prefer the even surface of the road now (get me, sounding like a proper runner...) Good luck with the Race for Life on Sunday! :)


I find running on grass much harder than pavements. Which, actually, is good because I use it as stamina and speed training.

Every now and then I run down to a local playing field using as many grass verges as I can on the way, and do one or two (usually one!) circuits. I try to keep up a fairly quick pace but it's always slower than my pavement pace and I'm always glad to get back on the tarmac! ;-)

Good luck for the RfL!


After being told it was on paths, about half of my race for life was on grass - some smooth and some NOT! I found it much, much harder and running on more different surfaces is on my list - apart from a short compacted gravel path section on one of my usual 5K routes, I avoid it like the plague!


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