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Running on grass, concrete or treadmill??

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I started off this programme running on a grassy riverbank and I just couldn't do it. It was painful to run because of all the dips. I started to make use of my gym membership by doing the runs on a treadmill. I can't get over how much easier it is.

I then went to repeat week 3 on concrete and I couldn't do it again. I just can't do it outside.

Why can I do it indoors on a treadmill but not outside? I feel like I am cheating!

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Apparently the treadmill should be on a small incline to be closer to running outside (1% or level1-2). Even then I find it easier.

I think that is because on the treadmill the automatic is to keep running you have to make a conscious decision to adjust the speed or press stop. Outside the mental effort is to keep going you don't need to do anything to stop you can just stop!

However I find the treadmill so very dull and outside much more fun!

Outside I feel free - slower than a slug but a free slug 🤣

I would love to run outside, it is more convenient but where I live I would be turning corner, after corner with all of the short streets. I am also paranoid that people are staring at me 🙈

I must admit I did put it up to 1% because I know the ground outside isn't flat.

Maybe I should just give it another go outside and see.

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Wanna-BeGraduate in reply to babygirlshuey

I know running round street's can be intimidating. Is there a park run near you? It's only once a week but you'll find all abilities there.

If you can running early in the morning is great as everyone else is busy with breakfast / kids and paying no attention to the tomato coloured person jogging along 😂 (at least that is what I tell myself when I do it)

If you do have another go at running outside start out slow. While we are learning to pace ourselves I think it's best to finish thinking 'I could have gone faster' than go too fast and not finish.

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You also have factors like the heat and the wind. Treadmill running is just completely different.

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Don't forget to go s.l.o.w.l.y so you have time to take all the dips into consideration, perhaps you're trying too hard outside. Also don't forget that we runners are invisible to others. No one will notice you. On my way home this evening I passed multiple groups of people on the bridge, none of them even glanced at me even though I was a sweaty, middle-aged, podgy apparition in lycra. (I only learnt this after starting out in the dark as I was so embarrassed.) You can do it!

I do the same and can run in treadmill but

Outside I can’t. The treadmill shows me the speed I run at though and I much prefer this! Gym ismopen 24 hours a day which works better for me, no excuses! I also feel safer in the gym rather than outside especially very early in the morning or very late in the evening!

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C25k whether you do it on the treadmill or outside its still called c25k, you are still putting in the effort. If you are more comfortable running on the treadmill you should do it. It aint cheating honest and maybe when you are feeling more confident, try it again. Either way is off the couch. Go you 👍

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