How times change

Last year I met an old friend in London for our annual Christmas lunch. It always turns into a boozy affair and starting around 1pm I warn my wife not to expect me until the last train at 1:30am. This year he is staying over in a central London hotel. We are meeting at 1pm as usual but this year we will both have our running gear and are going for a run round Hyde Park before we start our festivities. We can then go back to his hotel to change before a late lunch.

C25K started in April for me and got me to where I know I will get great enjoyment from running round the park before replacing all those lost calories in my usual manner. Would a 5k PB be asking too much? I definitely feel I have already got so much out of this program. I'm also considering a xmas day run once I've put our Turkey on.

Anyone else notice these small changes?

Happy running all


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17 Replies

  • I know how you feel... its Christmas lunch day at work today, will just have a small turkey dinner as I want to run tonight! No pudding for me today :-)

  • Amazing how these changes have crept in. Where were the warnings?

  • I didn't read the manual...its a man thing.... apparently, addictions such as running can lead to serious life style changes ;-)

  • I have been drinking less at Christmas parties so it doesn't interfere with my training plan. i have found over the whole of the last year my drinking patterns have changed. Also I seem to of had the added benefit this year of not getting all the colds going around. But maybe I shouldn't talk too soon.

  • Great to hear RFC but I've found my PBs tend to be the day after drinking ;-)

  • Yes, amazing isnt it :)

    Needing to make the right decisions in order to keep the bod in good condition for running.

    Eating sensibly in order to not gain weight, but to have the energy to put in a good run and to build those much needed muscles.

    Getting enough sleep, yet getting up early in order to fit that 6am run in.

    Making sur that running gear is packed when going on hols.

    Who would have thought?

    It all started so innocently with a few 2minute test jogs during a sunday morning walk to see if I would be capable of week 1 C25K. The next thing I knew I was out the door at 6am before work to do run 1 of C25K !

    Now I'm running every other day, 48mins this week, 51 mins next week, adding 3 mins per week to reach an hour.

    That Laura has a lot to answer for :D

    I used to see folk running in the morning on the way to work and think, "that looks tedious, can't imagine why you want to do that!", now I think, "hello fellow runner, I do that too, it's great isnt it :) "

    How things change, just wish they had changed 30 years earlier. Better late than never though :)

  • Absolutely Zev at least we found C25K - think of the thousands who haven't everyone needs to spread the word

  • Oh that would be a fab run GF. Lucky you and I'm sure you'll get a PB.

    Yes I've noticed loads of changes. A friend is coming over Christmas and she is a runner and we've already talked about where we'll go for a little joggett!

    Last week my mum and I went shopping to this big mall. I'd been many times before and always headed for the usual shoes/ clothes shops but this time the first shops I saw were Nike and ASICS! " Oh I didn't know they were here" I said and off I headed. They'd been there for years but I'd never noticed them before!

  • Brilliant IP. I think my run will be more of a leisurely pre-lunch jog than aiming for a PB but you never know ;-)

  • How's Rico by the way? I hope he isnt feeling left out.

  • No he's still having his 2 walks a day with our dog walker while I look after Mrs GF and the children. I'm on holiday from tomorrow so looking forward to some runs with him as well ;-)

  • It's amazing to think back and realise how much this running malarky has done. Hope you enjoy the run and the good company and the drinks and everything else.

  • Thanks Tomas. Today was my last work day so it's holidays from now ;-) Hope you got your PPP!

  • A friend of mine and her partner have fairly recently (past couple of years) got into their running and wherever they go on holiday they head out for a run! I think it's such a lovely thing to have someone do that with... whether it's a friend or partner. My boyfriend will never get into running and I find it much harder to run as much as I probably could (without excuses) whereas if I could just get him to join me, it would be so much nicer.

    I have packed my gym stuff previously when we have gone away.... maybe next time I will actually use it! We are heading away for nearly 2 weeks next year and I know I'll struggle to fit it any runs as I find it difficult taking time out of things we could do together to go running on my own.

    Well done :)

  • My wife doesn't run but does enjoy swimming so while we were on Holiday she headed for an early morning swim while I ran. I agree it would be nicer to run with a partner but for now I'll settle for just getting out there regularly ;-)

  • Im glad its not just me!!

    I've warned my sister that when we go to London for the weekend at the end of Jan I'll be getting up early sunday morning to run in Hyde Park

    Then there was last friday when I passed my driving theory test and celebrated by buying myself new running shoes and a pink sports bra


  • Brilliant stuff. I'm really looking forward to Friday and will post the results (probably Saturday). Congratulations on passing the theory and then celebrated by buying running gear!

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