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The Golden Key

Wk6 R2 completed, planning on R3 today or tomorrow. Was just replying to Rainbow Pixie re: getting the running bug. Really enjoying the challenge, in some kind of masochistic way.

Have been reading a couple of books too, The Beginners Guide to Running mentions the Golden key to running for long periods of time is to run slower. Which is pretty much the advice like minded souls have given to me on here. So with that I mind I'm hoping to crack this 30mins malarkey.

Incidentally have made a few changes to diet too, I actually wanted to....will still happily stuff myself with cake, choc and wine given half a chance but am trying to 'eat clean' avoiding the processed stuff. I don't mind cooking anyhow so I'm just avoiding pasta, bread and cutting back on my potato and rice portions, and you can buy organic (stellar) wine and eat darker choc. See I'm a changed woman!

But on hols next week!!! I am making no promises.

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Of course you will crack the 30min. Sounds like your really getting Into your running. I found it made such a difference to my diet when I Started thinking fuel rather than food. Have a good holiday and happy running.


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