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Help - My App has disappeared!


I know some of you have commented that you've had trouble with the app. I've completely lost my newsfeed. I can still see my notifications but nothing on the newsfeed, it's just blank. I'm on a laptop right now but usually access it through the app on my Ipad (the healthunlocked one - not the actual running - that's still OK I think!) It's on my Ipad that I'm having the problem. Totally panicked and thought that maybe I'd said something offensive & been deleted!

Is it best to delete the App & then re-install?

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Oh no thought you’d been quiet! I use it on my iPhone and it’s been a little slow/odd loading replies etc.

Maybe there’s a sudden influx of newbies trying to get their beach bodies by July?? 😜😬

Hope someone comes along with a more helpful reply!

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Ha ha! Thank you. I started to worry that everyone had moved to another site & not told me! Not that I'm paranoid or anything! 😂

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That is so weird! I just replied to you & it literally reappeared- it must be magic.

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I’m the goodwitch. 😇

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I'm not all bad. Just drop the odd hex or two if someone upsets me! 😉


Haha. I had the same thing the other day. Major panic! Then realised I was still on airplane mode and had no WiFi 😂😂😂

Hi, it may or may not be relevant but when I installed the latest version of IOS to my iPhone I got a message saying some apps might be temporarily disabled. 😕

It seems Health Unlocked was one of them, so I resorted to deleting and reinstalling it and that seems to have done the trick 👍 I’ve had no issues since, but I’m by no means a tech expert!

I hope that some help 👍

Good luck! 🤞

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Aha! Thank you. Well the weird thing is I replied to someone & it all reappeared- as if by magic. Think maybe it was just taking a while to load & I'm very impatient! Thanks again.

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No problem at all. Welcome back to this virtual world of happiness and mutual support! 😀😀👍


Ah, I wondered why I found a load of posts by people I'm following, that I had no notification of. Like you, thought I'd offended!!

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Neither of you could ever offend anyone, ever, you dafties.... :-)

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Ha ha! Thought you'd all moved somewhere else & not told me. Seriously- the page was there but was completely blank - It's back now thank goodness!

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