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Starting W5 and R1 this afternoon

Finally made it to week 5. Looking forward to run 1, but not so sure about R2 or R3...20 mins like OMG, haven't done anything like this in 20+ years.... Am, just watching the thermometer as well as it looks like its going to be a really warm day so might need to alter the route to beside the canal (far coller under all those trees).

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Yes - 20 minutes non-stop - It's a toughie, no doubt!! :) But, it is also no doubt that you will do it :) - if not the first time, then the second time - and if not the second time , then the third time !! :)


Don't think about what's coming up, just do each session as it comes and you will be fine. Good luck for your W5.

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Don't think about the time...JUST DO IT! :)

Just listen to Laura and concentrate on her coaching. This is my second time around with a C25k program, and I am feeling more success with the podcasts than any of the apps on my iPod. The difference is Laura and her coaching technique (something that is lacking on other apps :( ).


Hi, you've gone a week ahead if me, as I was on my hols last week, which meant walking and cycling not running. how did you find week 4? I am meant to be starting it this week, but am making excuses due to the heat :(


Hi and thanks for asking. It was a leap up from W3 that's for sure, but I think focusing less on speed and more on endurance is the key. I had already mentally prepped myself to the longer runs and by maintaining a slightly slower pace I managed it OK. It wasn't a breeze though so be prepared for a bit of puffing and panting but it is achievable. If a 18st 11lb 49 year old can do it, then pretty much anyone can :-)


Cool, I'll let you know how it goes. Good or bad! Not sure I can go any slower than I did at week 3 already though! Lol!


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