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What to do?

I have decided, I need a very real goal or commitment to aim for. To that end I thought it was time to probably enter a real race, not to race you understand, just to do it. I thought at first a 10K would be good, having now run a 10 and 12k.

I found this, which has a 10K, Half Marathon and 20 mile race. Given that this is not until 8th March next year, 10K seemed to be a bit of a lightweight challenge You guessed it then, I am seriously considering the HM. Not the 20 miler, thats a days walk!

Any advice on a training plan? (This is only 10 weeks or so after Christmas, so holding back a little on the Christmas Cheer will be top of my list!)

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Yes, you can download these for free at Bupa or myasics. Having used all three I must say I'm favouring the asics ones which have more detail and give you specific times for each run so you can set your running watch etc. I have a thread going on this very topic at the moment which explains about the training plans. You have to register with asics on line and then answer some questions so they can formulate your plan and once you have given them the info they will churn out a programme that you print off. You then (if you wish) input the results of your runs into your programme on your pc and they give you feedback by email and remind you that you have a run tomorrow and how far/fast etc. I have been doing my plan for a week and they came back to me yesterday asking me if I'd like to amend it as I'm running quicker than they first assessed. It's good and it's free! They also give you a projected finish time.

I like the structure the plan gives me and I know where I am. I am surprised that they have given me 9 successive 3 k runs to do. If I was doing my own runs with no plan I would probably have done unnecessarily long runs, thereby wasting energy. So, I'm pleased with it as they know more than me about the best way forward. So you could put yourself in their hands as it were


Just signed up for the ASICS website. It looks good. Put all my details in, and it says based on a HM date of 8th March 2105 I can rest until late August. :-D I don't think so!

I don't understand what this really means though, can you help?

4.5mi Build-up 10:02–8:56 min/mile for 0:45:09–0:40:12

Start to run at the first guideline pace. When you are comfortable increase your pace and maintain it. Then increase your pace a second time and maintain it. Stay in control of your pace, don't push too hard and end up finishing slow.

I think it is saying I need to run at 10:02 min/mile giving me a 4.5 mile time of about 45 minutes. I cannot see my 'First' and 'Second' guideline pace though. Am I missing something obvious?


Ah I am being thick. I think it means start at 10:02 then build up the pace, but not exceeding 8:56. Is that it?


I have looked at my 10 k plan and it does give two sets of min/mile figures, a lower one and a higher one which gives you something to aim for. You choose which time you want to try for. Go for the slower one to start with cos you can always speed up.

The 40 and 45 minutes is the time they forecast that you will finish the race. This can be adjusted by asics as your training progresses. If you are faster they will give you an improved forecast but if you are slower they will give you a slower time. I have to say that their estimate for my 10 mile race was 4 seconds out!!!!! I had never done a race ever, so having a plan was a great help to me. You have no way of knowing what your finish time will be do you unless you have something like this to work on. It's taken the guess work out of things

They think you don't need to start training for your half marathon before August. That doesn't mean you can't run til then! It's just when your training plan starts for real

Once you have started following your plan and logging the runs using your pc and saving them to asics they will monitor your progress and might suggest tweaks. I've had mine tweaked early on (oooer missus!), so it shows they're on the ball. They send you a reminder by email that you have a run logged and they will email you when they think an adjustment to your training plan is called for. You don't have to agree to the changes if you don't want to though


Sounds great. Thanks so much.

Good luck with your plan


Ta! You too!!!! I fancy half marathon but I have a 5k and a 10 k race to get out of the way. I'm on a slow, upward journey and it's all uphill. LOL I'll get there but it may take a while yet


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