Who here carries a means of identification when they go running?

It's just occurred to me that I really should be running with my driving license tucked into my phone-holder armband as if I get injured badly enough to lose consciousness when out running in my locale it would be good if any rescuers could find out who I was! And then medical records at the local hospital could be located, that kind of thing.

Although I run in and around my village, only a handful of people (read: almost all of them members of my own family) know who I am. Just seemed like a sensible idea.

Not trying to be alarmist, and almost certain never to experience anything that would lead to the need for the aforementioned driving license to be used in this non-driving / foreign currency exchanging / picking up a parcel at the post office situation. But do any of you do anything similar?


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  • I know we all should! I worry about my son when he goes out running or biking. There are bands you can get on line for cyclist/runners from an American company. I will look on line.

  • The American company is RoadId. They have their own app that works with their products.

    I just receive a $35 gift coupon through a runchat on Twitter to RoadId and plan on getting one of their products, I'm sure there is a similar company in the UK.

    Up to now, I keep my driver's license in my waist pack.

  • I found this - hope the link works!


  • No I don't. I don't worry unduly about anything. I don't even take my phone most of the time, but I have tried to remedy that since getting locked in the local park, blush.

  • I always have my mobile phone with me. It has 3 ICE numbers in it. ICE: In case of Emergency. I have Ice 1 - Home (husband), Ice2 - son, Ice3 - Daughter in law. This is a safe way of carrying access to information that others may need. We should all have ICE numbers in our phone in case we are not in a position to summon help.

    I would be afraid of losing my DL which would cause no end of problems for me!

  • Good that you carry something, but electonic devices can stop working. Better to have a back-up of a printed and laminated contact card.

    To my shame, I don't carry anything, but I will from now on.

  • I think there is something you can get on MapmyRun that's gives you "live Tracking" So your family can see where you are at any time - if they could be bothered to watch! I hadn't given a thought to carrying I.D, but usually do carry my phone after nearly stepping on a poisonous snake while wearing sandals, and another time cutting my foot on barbed wire..then I realised that no one knew where I was...I didn't have my phone today though as he blooming thing has packed up on me....

  • I have ICEtags attached to my shoe lacelaces on my running shoes. I got mine from a UK company for a few quid. icetags.co.uk/

  • I have those (with parkrun barcode included) but with my keys in my pocket, I'll put one on my shoelaces, much easier to spot - thanks for prompt.


  • I didn't know you could get these bar code tags but have ordered some straight away in preparation for my first run! Seems much simpler to carry with you than printing out a sheet of paper.

  • I do the same.

  • About to log off here and go to their site. Thanks,

  • Thanks for recommendation for these - I've just ordered. I live alone and family live miles away & abroad, so they are a great idea! Thanks so much for the recommendation!

  • I have ICE numbers in my phone. Wouldn't go out without them.

  • On Friday evening I used sticky back plastic to laminate my Park Run barcode to the back of Mrs MarkyD's business card.

    Now I have ICE contact and my barcode in one water resistant, easily portable card that slips in my pocket.

    Total cost £0.00

  • Great idea, just ordered some laminating pouches from amazon.

  • That's genius! I'd not considered that. Seeing as I'm carrying my Park Run barcode card in my armband (although it's already laminated), I might as well print a label to stick to the reverse side and the need for my DL is gone! Cheers, MarkyD!

  • I have a card with my name and relevant emergency phone numbers, which I carry in my short's pocket. It occurred to me one day, that although I only run around local streets, if something happened, no-one would know who I was or who to contact.

    I don't carry my phone. I can't read it without my glasses. I figured that enough people carry one that should something happen, there will always be someone around with one.

  • I don't carry a phone, but I do have an emergency contact number on the front of my arm band. I also only ever go running if there's someone about who I can tell where I'm going and how long I'm expecting to be. Though whether they'd actually come looking for me is another thing ;)

  • Those who have ICE contacts oin their phones, can these be accessed easily by other people? Is your phone password protected preventing others from accessing your phone details?

  • That's an excellent point!

  • Thanks ;)

  • There's an iphone app (not sure about android or windows) called Road ID which can be used to make an ICE lock screen with 3 contact numbers and any medical details. It will also send a crumb trail to someone of your choice, and an alert if you don't move for 5 mins - which you can override before it's sent if you're OK.

    Might be worth a try - I've downloaded but haven't tried it yet.

  • That sounds like a handy app.

  • Well I used to wear a medic ID bracelet that was backed up with phone number only being jobless meant I could afford the subscription. I have ice contacts on my mobile and there are ICE apps where you can put in even more info, only I realised how pointless these are in general when I use a security lock on my phone.

  • My parkrun barcode key fob thingy has ICE info

  • Thanks for starting this thread- it's something I've been meaning to tackle for a while :)

    I normally just run with my iPod, Garmin and spare key. I'd rather not carry my driving license around for fear of losing it, or, more likely leaving it in my running pants and then finding it isn't in my purse at some later date- probably while trying to buy booze :D

    I've just ordered myself some of these tags for 4 pounds, icetags.co.uk/ they attach to your shoe laces but more likely I'll attach it to my spare key and have that in my pocket.

    I don't take to many safety precautions, I don't always tell someone where and when I'm running and I never carry my phone, but I think this is such an easy way to be a little bit safer :)

  • I have mine on my shoe lace - one each on my road shoe and trail shoe - that way I NEVER go running without it, even if someone is home and I don't take a key. It's not a bother on my shoes and you don't notice it's there.

  • i would take care what info you put on the one you attach to your key in case you ever lost it, don't want the address for the key available to who ever finds it. Just a thought.

  • When I registered for parkrun there was a link to a website called ERS which sold plastic ids. I think you could get one without the parkrun barcode. They have name, emergency contact no. And medical conditions. There is a credit card size one or small tags with a hole in for threading on your laces. About £3.50 incl. Postage.

  • Just ordered some!

  • Yep - that's what I run with too... always a good thing to have "just in case"... :)

  • Older folks (and disabled) in this community could carry their Bus Passes - its a well-validated form of ID and they can also use it to get the bus home if they find they've been too ambitious distance-wise! In Cambridgeshire we're looking at using the Bus Pass as an all purpose "Care Card"

  • Hahahaa...never thought of that and having just received mine, I might just do it !! Perfect for when I've overdone the distance and feel the aches and pains, and realise how far back I have to run/walk! ;-)

  • Having been in the cubs as a small boy, I never go out unless I am prepared for all eventualities that may befall me. Solar topee, ice axe and crampons, passport, O level certificates (showing my age there) and ice cubes, (should I be offered a G & T while running, by some impecunious individual who lacks refrigeration facilities) and of course my locked phone, which would, of course, be of no use to anyone who picked it up off my motionless body, should they, in the unlikely event, stumble across me in the corner of a distant field.

    Maybe I need to rethink my priorities...........

  • I should think you've earned a badge carrying that lot!!

  • I carry my Parkrun keyring tag with me, and my phone, just in case I tumble myself down the steps leading to the towpath and immobilise myself in the early hours and need to summon assistance; these things happen!

  • I carry a dog who carries the ID (collar tag and chip). I'm not getting myself chipped, really I'm not.

    I am not great about saying where I am going as I often don't know when I leave the house. I may not even know I am going running. I always have my phone on me - and fairly often I have my whole wallet if I have gone out with my full bag, I don't like to leave my wallet in the car so it goes in an Onyaback or the over the shoulder bag I used for dog treats.

    Sad incident yesterday when an old friend came to visit but didn't have the phone number and had the address wrong. We live in a cul de sac and they asked at a house and the people didn't recognise our name. I thought everyone round about did as we have wandering cats who all have the address and phone number and we get lots of visits and calls about them.

    Orienteers have to take a whistle when they compete.

  • I ordered the fancy Parkrun tags and they provide a few smaller ones and I have one of those on my laces every time I run... it's a "just in case" thing but Mrs Aussie is pleased it's on... at least they have my name and her number if it's ever needed... :)

    I also have carry my phone for music and emergencies (it's a spare phone so I don't get disrupted by work calls!)... :)

  • For those of you with ICE details on a locked phone, you can take a screen shot of your ICE details and theses will still be accessible on a locked phone. Thanks hose1975 for bringing this up.

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