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Who here runs with a HRM?

I am approaching my 1st Anniversary of running :) -over the past year, I have Graduated and my physical fitness improved beyond my widest dreams . I would never have thought that I would be doing this in my 68th year - but only wish that I had discovered it all 10 years ago.

I don't really want to run "races" - or "improve my times" - I just want to be able to run "easily". Whether its is 1 klm , 5, 10 , 20 or 50 klms -- just "easily"

I did buy a cheapie HRM when I was in the middle of C25K -- but found that my HR was all over the place (which it would when you are doing the intervals (run/walk) that C25K calls for. Now - I am wondering if my future does lie with the HRM. I have always had difficulties pacing myself. I have played around with the HRM enough to know what numbers are "easy" for me - what are getting harder, what are "I think I might throw up " and which number MAX HR which is "forget it!!"

Anyway - I reckon I have a close idea of what my Max HR is ( and it's not real, high considering my age) - therefore I have a pretty good idea of what number I should be doing when running "easy".

So- I am now thinking that , shortly, this is my direction rather than just following somebodies "plan" .

Are there any Graduates out there who are ( religiously) following some kind of training regime using HRM??

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I was lucky enough to get a garmin with hrm for my birthday and my training has just leaped forward since getting it. I use it to slow myself down as I found I was going into the red zone too much and getting far too exhausted. I can look at it when I run but I find I use my pace to keep me slower while I run and then check the heart rate stats when I get in. Since doing this I have brough the heart rate down quite a lot during runs, my pace has got better and I am enjoying my runs a lot more. So I guess I only use the hrm as confirmation that what I am doing is in the right zone rather than running to a heart rate zone, if that makes sense. I also use it check recovery on my walk home.


Yes - they can be used in many different ways. I tried to use my Runkeeper App to monitor my current pace as I ran ( in an attempt to maintrol contol over myself :) ) -- however, although I "trust" the App when it comes to giving me my average pace over the course of the run, I am unsure about it when it gives me "current" pace. Anyway, today I used my HRM and a "control" by setting upper and lower limits where it would beep at me - so I could speed up/slow down as needed , and I felt that it worked well.


Nope. Just running :)


I do run with a HRM but not religiously (chest-strap HRMs and industrial sports bras are not a particularly comfortable running combination).

I did make a conscious effort to wear it when doing my interval training as I was struggling so much with intervals. I knew that they were supposed to be challenging but not that much. On wearing it several times I have changed my approach to training (I wasn't giving myself enough time to recover).

I think that if you know what your running zones are naturally (I really had no clue) then I also can't see that you would gain much more from following someone else's HR plan. You seem to have a good natural grasp of your capabilities.


I wear my Polar HRM (FT4) every time as I like to know the cals used so I can eat some back!

I also like "borrowing" my OHs Garmin GPS so I can track how far and how fast I've been. I quite like seeing my times improve and having new targets. I must look a bit silly running with two watches, one on each wrist, but I don't care :-)

The Garmin (Forerunner 110)has a nifty app to allow you to track progress etc. on the net, which I find quite motivational.


I've got the MIO Link. It is not a chest strap, but is worn on your wrist like a watch band. It works really well, and has both bluetooth and ANT+ connection. It works a treat with my Garmin Forerunner 15.

I used to row a lot using Concept2 rower, I used a polar chest strap for that, but didnt fancy using strap for running, so I searched for something a bit more minimalist.

Thoroughly recomment the MIO Link


Yes Garmin 620 which I love but have used it more for tracking than training although I am now thinking about taking a more organised approach - like you I just want to improve to feel healthier and be able to run easier


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