C25k POSTER v3

C25k POSTER v3

The PDF of Version 3 is here. dropbox.com/s/2qjzosbbpw0o6...

Thanks to everyone who has commented on version 2 of the poster. Linda and I have edited her story to remove all explicit reference to the 5:2 diet, which does put the focus more on C25k and hopefully removes anything contentious that HU admin, Live Well, NHS Choices or indeed Jeremy (now let me get his name right) Hunt, could possibly object to.

As a community, we have produced a better product and now we have to sell it to whoever makes decisions on matters like this. At least this time they can't just let the correspondence die away. Barring any other major criticisms from you lot, I will email this version tomorrow to Steve Shukor, HU Health Editor, picking up on the conversation that I previously had with him regarding publicity.

Vixiej has offered to produce a letter/email to circulate with the PDF, explaining the impact that C25k could have on patients and practices, which I think is a brilliant idea. I will forward that to Steve as soon as I receive it.

Hopefully we will have a decision on this shortly and I would ask you to curb your enthusiasm, in the same way as you reluctantly resist the urge to run consecutive days, and not distribute the poster just yet. Who knows, we may have timed this just right to fit in with the HU publicity push. Whatever, I hope we will soon see our beloved NHS C25k being publicised in all the places that it should be.

Keep running, keep smiling.

Truffe's the name........... Ianno da Truffe.

PS. Bazza, I don't believe her either!!


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9 Replies

  • It looks fab. That last little bit of tweeting has made all the difference. Very well done!

  • Excellent! Thank you for all the hard work and taking the initiative, IdT! Hope to see it around the place before much longer.

  • That looks good to me :) I think it also reads better, and loses nothing, by removing all reference to the 5:2 diet :)

  • V3 gets my thumbs up, well done both of you, this poster and I hope leaflet form too will bring to the attention C25K to millions all over. Its a very exciting time for C25K :)

  • Looks great - well done to you all for the hard work.

  • Well done! Bloody Brilliant!

  • That's great! Prefer it without the 5:2 reference. Thanks for not just taking the initiative but also moving things to the point of creating it. In our local health trust, NHS Tayside, there used to be a central point where things could be emailed and then they were emailed/ distributed to all the GP practices. This meant a lot less distribution effort. That said, it relies on individual practice managers thinking something is worthy enough to be printed off and I wonder if, in this situation the personal touch might help - where by going in and saying this has helped me, doctors might be more willing to recommend. My GP certainly took down details when I explained what I was doing and why. Happy to spread the word when you get the go ahead.

  • v3 looks great to me. thanks for all your hard work on this,

  • Agree this is much better - a spot on approach. I will certainly mention c25k next time I'm at the docs :-)

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