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10K Race: I HATE plastic cups!

10K Race: I HATE plastic cups!

Good afternoon, you bunch of fantastic folk, you. :-)

Well, I'm back now and have had my freezing bath and Chocolate Recovery Milk and am ready to post about the experience of my first ever 10K race. So, how did it go? Well, that depends entirely on when you're asking the question. If you'd asked me immediately afterwards, I'd have replied "absolutely f****ng terrible" but now, I feel the opposite. Despite the circumstances, it went well. Let's start at the beginning. A good place to start, no?

I got to the venue about 1015, nice and early, in time to watch the fun runners doing the 3K fun run. All went well. It's important to note here that I was perfectly hydrated; I have mentioned before, a few times, that I drink a great deal of water. About average for me in a day is around 6-7 litres, give or take. I'd had about two and a half, give or take, before the race, so felt confident I was nicely hydrated. First job upon arriving was to use the lavatory; to my dismay, and, indeed, incredulous bewilderment, there were only three portable lavatories. For reasons completely unknown to me, I call them 'Portajohns', even though I'm not American. I dated a Canadian lass for a while, so maybe that's where it comes from; I'm sure I got it from her. I also, occasionally call it a 'sidewalk' (the pavement, I mean, not portable lavatories) and, much to the huge annoyance of everyone I know, 'soccer', but it's just force of habit. No idea why.

Anyway, I didn't think three of these portable lavatories was anywhere enough. I went first off when there were only three people in the queue but decided to visit again as a precautionary measure about ten minutes to race time. Where, seemingly, 14 billion people were queuing. I just made the start line!

So far so good. The first indication that it wasn't going to be my race, was the fact that Miss Garmin threw a wobbly the size of the Democratic Republic of the Congo. No matter what I did, she just wouldn't find her satellite friends. Not a huge deal, I suppose, but a bit annoying all the same. The start klaxon sounds and we're off. I don't get carried away and just mill along at my own steady pace for a while.

Miss Garmin still doesn't want to know. I'll end the suspense now rather than continuously making the point: she would not connect at ***ALL*** throughout the race; I gave up trying at around 6K. Frustrating but nowt I could do about it. Onward.

All good so far. First water station now. To my horror and disconcertment, water was being handed out in Preposterous Plastic Cups. (PPC) When I marshalled the Round Sheffield Run the other week, 500ml bottles were being handed out - much better, as far as I'm concerned. So, trying to maintain a steady pace and drink from one of these things was akin to waterboarding oneself. I spilt more than I drank. Not a good sign! Very worrying from a water fiend such as myself. But. still doing well, so onward, always.

I sidle up alongside a fellow who travelled over from Rotherham (or, 'Rovrum', as we say here) and get chatting. Maybe 3-3.5K in. A very nice chap, we run together and chat away for ages. All going well. He tells me he had a monumental struggle trying to get his Garmin to connect; he bursts out laughing when I told him mine STILL won't connect. I've more or less given up with it by this point. Onward we go, chattering away. Pace feels okay. Next water station now, halfway through. I take two PPCs; one goes straight over myself (intentionally) and I try and drink the next - that mostly gets spilt. The chap I'm alongside declines water. How?! How on earth do people run without water?! I can't, a fact that is becoming alarmingly apparent! We continue onwards, chatting away. I ask him what pace we're on and he tells me just over 7 minute/mile. I'm lost for words; my average is about 8.02. Far too fast, but the worrying thing is, it doesn't seem it. 5K, he informs me, was done at 25 minutes. That's good and average for me. But at 0500 in the morning, with ready access to water.

This is, BTW, a very hilly course. Even my new running friend commented on how inclinous it was. We both agreed that "slightly undulating" on the course details, was, a gross understatement. Even for me who's used to hills, it was becoming a bit much. We go on a bit further and I inform him that I'm gonna ease off a bit and for him to go on ahead. We shake hands, wish each other well and I throttle back a bit.

7.5K water station now; I take two cups and REALLY need to drink this time, so I slow to a walk and down the lot. Dehydrated is not the word. I continue walking a bit, which is really disappointing for me, as in 10K training, I can run it, and beyond, with no issues. Eight days ago I did 11.5K, hills and all, with no walk breaks. My calves and quads are struggling too - so tight, which again is unexpected. I took about four walk breaks in total before I got my pace again, toward the end.

I pass a poor fellow who was evidently struggling with his ankle and was limping along. Astonishingly, people just run by. I slow and ask if he's okay or would like help. He says he's fine and will continue to the next marshal. Someone behind me offers him the use of their phone; he politely declines.

I push on/ I start talking to a fellow who is in a Godzilla costume who is struggling with his ankle too. I could never run in fancy dress; I overheat in shorts and a t-shirt. These people who rock the fancy dress look are legendary and deserve complete respect. I couldn't do it.

Another little walk now, wondering what the hell is wrong with me, when someone slaps me on the back and encourages me, saying that there's not long to go now. I don't think that man will ever know just how welcome and a boost that was. Throttles forward, I run again. Finish line now and I go through, relieved and happy. Collect my shiny shiny medal and goodie bag and am immediately grabbed for a handshake from the chap I was running alongside with earlier; again, another brilliant mental boost.

What time did I come in at? I don't yet know as MG didn't cooperate, but I know it's under the hour. I grab two bottles of water and keep moving. I know I shouldn't down water like a madman but I can't help it. Goodness that's amazing.

I mill about for a bit, getting more water and a Coke and sit down near the ambulance, which I wonder, genuinely, if I'll need at some point soon. I don't, as it goes, but didn't think it was far off. After a load of water and the biscuits in the goodie bag, I'm fine. The results are posted up on the pavilion wall behind me now, so I go look. More on that shortly.

My immediate post-race thoughts were nothing short of anger at myself for having walked a bit. I haven't in training, why now? I start to decide that the Leeds 10K next Sunday is a bad idea and that I'm not doing it. In fact, the words "I'm never running again" flash through my mind. I sit and contemplate though. After a short while I feel a lot better about things.

My time? 55.27. Upon seeing that, I cheer up. That's bloody good. I was never going to get a PB here anyway because of the time of day, and the heat, and the course being so inclinous. My 10K PB is 48.31, under much better circumstances. I'd already decided before the race that if I come in under an hour, I'll be happy.

I had, at the time, felt I'd 'failed' as a runner, due to walking, but I don't feel like that now. I feel strangely upbeat and positive about the whole thing. If walking is necessary, for whatever reason, do it. And don't feel bad. There's so very many variables that it's almost impossible to how you and your body are going to be on the day.

I learnt a (well, several) valuable lesson....

Lesson/discovery one:

Never, EVER, EVER, *******EVER******* E V E R again will I run any race without carrying water with me. That's well and truly a lesson learnt. I'm a sipper, you see; I sip as I run along, keeping hydrated before I even start to get thirsty. For Leeds next week, I'm taking 750ml of water with me and using the water stations.

Lesson two:

Telling oneself not to go out too quick is fine. I succeeded in that okay, but then lost track of pace when running alongside the chap I was chatting to. I'm not complaining; I was so happy to be chatting with him, but it's easy to go too fast without even realising it until it's too late.

Lesson three:

Don't ever feel negative. Short of going over and breaking an ankle/shin/leg, anything else can be salvaged.

Lesson Four:

I'm still a baby runner. It's easy to get carried away and throw oneself in at the deep and and think you 'could have done better' but I've only been running for just over three months; I'm a learner, a beginner and today was a wake-up call to the fact.

The course was mixed terrain too and I heard a number of people saying they wish they'd gone with trail shoes. The weather: it was overcast but still hot. And muggy. Then the sun came out and it was bloody boiling. I seriously struggled with the heat. I wonder, even now, why such a race was scheduled at 1100 in the middle of July. At least Leeds next week is an 0930 start, I think it is. If ever I am a Race Director, scheduling the thing for 0530 will be a serious option that will take some talking me out of!

During the bit of walking I did, with muscles aflame, I did think that I wouldn't wear my shiny shiny medal afterwards as I felt like a hadn't 'earned' it but now the opposite is true. I'm very proud of it.

So yeah, there are negatives, but there are positives too, lots of them. A little over three months ago I couldn't run a step. In fact, the 60 seconds of W1R1 were bloody hard work and today I did run a 10K race in unfamiliar, trying circumstances. That's summat to be proud of, and I am.

I also learnt that if ever, in any race, see someone walking, or struggling, I'm going to go right up to them, give them a big pat on the back and encourage them on. As I experienced today, it's a boost that is beyond words. I think until you've been there it's difficult to comprehend how a few supportive words from a total stranger can make a whole gulf of distance. Thank you, sir, whoever you are, That will never be forgotten.

In my goodie bag I have a £5 voucher from Sweatshop. Next week I'm going to go treat myself to a new pair of running shoes as a reward. I was going to get some around my birthday time in September as mine are looking a bit haggard now and it will be about four months then, since I've had them, but I'm gonna get some next week and slowly break them in, sticking with my current shoes for a while, but new ones will be a reward to myself.

So, how do I feel now? Happy, elated and proud; the polar opposite of how I felt immediately after the race! 55.27, in those circumstances, is excellent; I'm proud of it. Am I doing Leeds next week? You bloody bet I am! This time, I'm taking 750ml water with me. I'll closely monitor my pace throughout. I'll encourage everyone I can. I'll be glad of the PB-inducing flat course but at the same time will be wary of it.

My apologies for the length of this post, which is quite something, even by my meandering standards (meandards?) but one thing is left to say: thank you, to you fine bunch of runners. Every single one of you are brilliant and a huge amount of inspiration and support. I really couldn't have done this without any of you. If/when I meet any of you, I'm buying you a drink of your choosing. The support and encouragement received here is incredible, so thank you to you all. Sincerely. :-) :-) :-)

If you're sat there wondering about your progress and whether you can complete C25K and beyond, you CAN and you WILL. yeah there will be delays and setbacks along the way, but you can do it. Don't ever give up, ever. If ever people around you are unsupporitve and/or doubting, (I find that to be the case, disappointingly) then come here and you'll receive all the support you could ever wish for. THANK YOU, to the lot of you.

Today wasn't a disaster; far from it. Onwards to Leeds next week.

Oh, another lesson learnt: I hate, abhor and absolutely FU***NG DETEST plastic cups at a race! The point of issuing water in such receptacles to people who are moving at running pace, escapes me greatly.

Onward, always. ALWAYS! ONWARD. ALWAYS.


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Oh well done Miles_Yonder, and I know exactly how you felt, because that was what I was moaning about the other day; I felt like I had cheated when I walked for the first time. I also know what a shock that heat must have been for you, because it makes a huge difference if you're not used to it.

Plastic cups sound a nightmare, as do the loos! I still have nightmares about them from all the festivals I've been to *shudders. You are so right about the boost that a complete stranger can give. Sometimes when the head gremlins are knocking us down, a friendly word can make all the difference.

I am in a mild state of panic at the moment as I don't know how my calves/achilles will be for my 10K race on Sunday. Mr Treemouse has just given my legs a massage and I don't want to aggravate them by running if they're not quite recovered. I think I will wait and try a gentle 5K on Wednesday, then if that's okay, I'll feel more confident at attempting the R4L.

How exciting that you got a great goody bag! Yes, treat yourself to some splendid birthday running shoes, you deserve them! My birthday is on September the 6th, so I might very well do the same. I never knew that I could get addicted to running gear, but I'm starting to have more running apparel than normal clothes!

As for Miss Garmin, she needs a stern talking to. The green gremlin has his moments too, and sees me walking round in demented fashion until I find a satellite. I have learnt that if it's important (a race or Parkrun) to find the signal as early as possible. If it defaults and goes back to the watch function, it doesn't take very long at all the second time round.

A brilliant achievement and a fantastic, inspirational post as usual. Be very proud of yourself; you have achieved so much in such a short space of time, and next week will be a breeze :)


'ow do, mousey. :-)

It does, doesn't it, kind of feel like cheating? That's how I felt at the time and that I had no right to the medal afterwards. Of course, I feel completely different now, but at the time, certainly when it's so unexpected, emotions take over and all manner of feelings emerge and I think recognising this is key to knowing how to deal with them. Walking isn't cheating at all; be it that or end up in the back of an ambulance, I know which I prefer! There were several moments today where I thought I'd be seeing the innards of the ambulance! :D It wasn't funny at the time, but I can chuckle now. :D

The heat was bad. There is a reason why I like to run early in the morning and today nice;y sums it up. Will I ever need to get used to it if I want to do the Great Ethiopian Run next year!

Yes, definitely. When I'm running a race next and I see someone walking, struggling a bit, I'll do just the same; lots of encouragement. I experienced first hand just how much of a difference it can make.

Try not to worry, Mousey. :-) Go for your gentle 5K on Wednesday and see how you feel. Try a 2/3K tomorrow if you feel you can. Or even just a brisk walk. I will do a very, very easy 3K recovery run either tomorrow or Tuesday, just to get myself moving again and easy is the key: no hills. No speed. No drama.

On the day of your R4L, take it really easy. Nice and steady and if you need to walk, do so without guilt. Are you applying ice to your achey/sore legs?

A fellow(ess!) Virgo! :-) My birthday is on the 3rd September, so just before yours. :-) I was going to get my new shoes on the day, but the Sweatshop voucher expires on the 31st, so sod it, I'll treat myself much sooner. And snap, I am amassing running clothes now too and they are now the only things that fit me properly after losing a bit of weight and not getting around to buying more clothes! I do have a running gear addiction.

Grrrrr, Miss Garmin! I pressed the start button in plenty of time, but still she struggled. Maybe it was an off-day though, so I'll let her off!

Thank you for your kind words. :-) I do feel really proud. I feel so much better now after a nice relaxing bath, something to eat and.........and......... a nice cold beer. I've not had a drink since January and this evening, with my food, I had the beer I got as a reward for marshalling the other week. It tasted goooooood.

So tired now though; a couple more replies here then off to bed with me! Thanks again, very much, for your support. :-)


Well bloody hell Miles_Yonder, what a to-do, rumpus and a hoo-ha!

Such mixed feelings in this post, I'm glad you have had time to have a word with yourself a realise you have no reason to be anything but proud.

I would have found all this immensely disconcerting. Not having your Garmin in working order must have been really difficult, it's strange how quickly we become reliant on these things. Even if the distances are marked its comforting to be able to check your time and pace... Miss Garmin better find a way to make it up to you !

Between that, the water situation, and the running conditions you've done brilliantly. Even when it's been cloudy here like on my quick run a 4 p.m. yesterday it has been really heavy and airless and very unenjoyable.

Anyway, as you say, today was no disaster, you went, you ran, you learnt something, you showed yourself to be a true race good Samaritan, and you made a friend. You also still made it around a very hilly course 10 whole minutes faster than I could make it around a flat one!

Smile, rest up, treat yourself, and well done again,

Emily :)


Thanks Em. :-) I feel lots better now after a hot bath, some food and a beer. :-) Today was good: a tricky but fun lesson and grounding in racing. I have my shiny, shiny medal and I'm proud of it. By the way, the distances were off a bit. The course was exactly 10K, but when running with that nice fellow, he commented on how some of the marker boards were out, something even I noticed without Miss Garmin to tell me!

I would rather MG had been functioning as I'd have been able to see my pace and adjust accordingly, but as you say, we become reliant on these technological wonders and when we don't have them, it can lead to issues.

You noticed the same on your key run yesterday, regarding the weather? I knew I'd struggle with the heat and made allowances for it by not PB chasing, but I was still surprised at how very tough it was. The more I think about it, the prouder I am about earlier; in all honesty, coming in at the time I did is nothing short of a miracle, all things considered!

Thanks again, Em; your support and encouragement is greatly appreciated. :-) I have to say, I can't wait for October/November and running in colder weather. It will present fresh challenges, of course, but it's easier to remove layers when hot in winter than it is to cool in summer!


M_Y you absolute star. They broke the mould after they built you! You run 10k of hilly race without adequate water, hold conversations, mentally beat yourself up about walking, then offer help to injured runners and still manage to come in in well under an hour. Amazing! :)

I'm so glad you managed to see the big picture and figure out that you did something fabulous today. Important lessons have been learned yes, but more importantly, you feel proud of the yourself and the incredible things you've achieved in your short running career.

Congratulations my friend, enjoy choosing your new shoes - you've earned them! :)

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Thank you, GazelleMum. :-) That's really kind of you. *blush* Put like that, there are far more positives than negatives about today. Three months ago, there is no way I could have even considered something like this, and today I ran (mostly!) a 10K race. I am proud; can't believe I actually considered giving running up, even for a brief second when at my worst!

Hopefully next week will be better and I will reward myself with new shoes on Saturday if I can. :-)


I'm not 'making do' at all, Kitty; the support of yourself and everyone else here is absolutely invaluable. I'd be lost without it. If others around me aren't interested in offering their support, it's their loss that they can't share in this amazing journey. I don't even bother discussing it with them now, only when asked. I choose to discuss it with people here, who know and understand just what this all means. :-)

It is a huge learning curve but to be honest, a shock every now and again like that just reminds us we're not invincible and to take things steady. I learnt a lot today and hopefully a week from now I will be reporting a better race.

Oh and another lesson learnt: remember sunscreen next bloody time!

Thanks once more, Kitty! :-)

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First of all congratulations on a superb 10k time. I'm astonished at the amount of water you drink though 6-7 litres a day, perhaps you could teach me a thing or 2, I sometimes think I drink too little 1.5 is my usual quota and I can dehydrate really easily if I do something out of the sedentary norm I was used to before c25k, I keep having to will myself to drink more especially on run days. I don't take any liquid out if it's less than 1hr so not surprising during a run some people don't want any :) I'd add to your tips, beware of the cable tied chip timer when you pull it off, cut my finger this morning, worst part of the run ;) good luck for your next race!


I'm not a huge water drinker either but don't forget all drinks count towards your daily required hydration allowance and the recommended 8 glasses of water a day (or 1.6 litres for women 2 litres for men) is too much for some people and not enough for others. We are all different after all.

To try and up my water intake I put a bottle in the fridge with a lemon cut up in it and try to drink more of that during the day rather than my beloved earl grey tea.


Glad to know I'm not alone on the smaller quantity size. I once read that if you're thirsty, drink and if you're not don't worry about it but that seems to go against the whole, you must drink x litres a day or the once you're thirsty it's too late mantra, oh what to believe! :) love my tea although I'm more of a English breakfast kinda girl. Going to try some zombie running on Wednesday once this race is out of my legs!


One of the big downsides to consuming lots of water is the frequent lavatorial visits. Not ideal at a race when there's only three lavatories and about 500 people! :D


Thank you, LF! :-) I really hope your race went well; I know you have a thread on it and I'm gonna go check it out properly a bit later. I have so much catching up to do, but I will get round to it, I promise; I'm not being ignorant or anything! :-) Really hope all went well for you! My water intake is a bit much I think, but it works for me. There's a fine line between staying hydrated and dangerously overdoing it! I do struggle without water on a run though; I did a steady 3.5K recovery run just now and drank about 350ml during it, or so.

Thank you for the tip! That's how timing chips are affixed, then? The race I did was manually timed, with no chip timings but the 10K next week will be chip timed. Thank you; I'll let you all know how it goes. :-)


My first chip time was a loop of paper with something silver in and affixed via good old sticky tape, whole thing was disposable :) but this one was a hard plastic square with 4 holes in for the bobbly cable ties and you had to take it off at the end and return, i vote paper any day, sticky tape is a lot less harmful! :) I figured you weren't being ignorant or anything there was a lot of posts yesterday so a lot to read through!


Yes, and it's maniacally busy at work at the minute!

Ah, I see, so there's different methods to these things. That's handy to know. I'll find out what I've got around midweek when my Leeds race pack should arrive. Exciting!


Well done and as you've already rightly said if walking has to be done then it has to be done, you would not have been able to have had a much needed drink had you not walked and then you probably would have needed that ambulance.

Apart from money, heat is also another big hesitation for me and entering races but as you know I am trying to learn to run later in the day and in the heat so who knows maybe next year I will give some a try.

On the running in heat note I am finding a racer back style top better than a full on tshirt so maybe worth you looking into sleeveless options!

Congratulations, hug the cat and have a well deserved rest.


The cat was hugged; hissing ensued. :D She's doesn't like the being picked up, but I can't help it. :D

The heat is a big problem for me too; I'm looking forward to winter! Sadly not many races then though. I do hope you give races a go WHEN you're working though (which won't be long now! :-) ) as I'm sure you'll enjoy them, just take them nice and steady.

Karrimor do a running vest in bright banana yellow, but I really find running vests.... absurd, I suppose. I'm sure they're perfectly functional and good at what they do, but I just can't get past the look of the things!

Thanks, Spoonie. :-)


By 'eck, Miles, that felt like 10k just reading it! I think I saw someone in the hedge back there who gave up on paragraph four.

Brilliant report and feel proud. You did the most important thing, which was to remind yourself where you were just a few months ago. As for race organisers, you do have to wonder.

keep running, keep smiling.


:D :D :D

Reading that lot was probably harder work than the 10K was! :D

Thank you, Iannoda. In a situation like that it's easy to lose sight of things and get a bit irrational, but thankfully it was only a very brief phase and I feel positive about the whole experience. :-)

Yes, you really do. Not that I'm an expert in any part of race organising or races in general, but I was wondering at some aspects of it but ah well. Apparently last year it was even hotter and they ran out of water. *shudders*

Onwards, always. :-)


Hey M_Y great report and a pretty impressive time for a baby runner! You have nothing to reproach yourself for - just look at what you have done in 3 short months!

Perhaps you should get one of those camel backs so you could sip as you go.


Thank you, Ully! :-)

I do have a Camelbak actually and they are handy but I didn't see anyone with one at the race yesterday with one. I think for 10Ks, just a bottle will do me, but anything longer than definitely a hydration system, if they're allowed.


From you report, it sounds like you found it a pretty tough race and I imagine it was with the heat, the hills and the lack of pacing due to a non-functioning GPS. But you did very well and you should be pleased with your result and yourself. You are still new to this running malarky and have plenty of time to learn from this your first race and make amendments for next time.

Re plastic cups, not bottles, i agree they are difficult to drink from and I usually only manage one or two mouthfuls before throwing the rest over myself - deliberately. But, in feedback forms following races, I have asked that they use these in preference to water bottles.. When individual 500ml water bottles are used (as is case when the race has these provided by one of the bottled water companies). I still only take one or two mouthfuls of water. Then I toss the bottle on the ground - as do most of the other runners. I really dislike running with a bottle in my hand, and as I usually train by running up to 10k without carrying water, even two mouthfuls per few kms is more than usual. I hate to see so many bottles dumped almost full; it's such a waster of plastic and all the palaver associated with manufacturing/selling/delivering bottled water.

I take water on my long runs (over 10K) and use a Camelbak for this.


Thank you, Swanscot. :-)

I shouldn't have let the malfunctioning GPS affect me really but as Emily said earlier, it's astonishing -and alarming- just how reliant we can become on technology as without knowing my pace, I was a bit unsure of things. I'll try getting a signal much earlier next time. I am proud of myself and how it all went really; it could always have been worse.

Yes, I do agree really. When I marshalled that race the other week, I had an enormous bag of almost full 500ml bottles that people had tossed away. That race had timed running sections and the water station just up from me was in one of the walking, non-timed stages so thinking about it, plastic cups would have been good for that.

Are Camelbaks allowed in races or do you just use it for training? I've got one but only used it once, for a run to work, but I did like it.


Aw Miles, what a palaver :-) Agree with what everyone else has said but just want to add my tuppence worth. You are a lovely, special guy, it was really considerate for you to stop and try to help the other runner. I still remember your graduation post and now here you are going from strength to strength. We are all on a learning curve I think with our running adventures ,and we learn from our experiences good and not so good . You have done amazingly well, youre going to have loadsa medals and this is just the first of many. I love how you went from " Im not going to do the Leeds " ( my home town, yay !) to "Im definitely doing Leeds " ha ha :-)

Enjoy your rest day tomorrow, youre a star ! :-) xxx


Thank you so much, Pops! *mega blushy*

You're right, both good and bad experiences make us better runners and we learn from what went wrong. When I get in later I shall write a list of what went wrong and what can be done to correct it in future. I was thinking about it earlier; I've nothing to feel disappointed about. It was a good time and I can learn from it. Next time out in such heat I'm going to take a few Jelly Babies; I had a massive sugar drop for some reason and was fine after some Coke. We live and learn!

Ah, you're a Leeds lass! 'ow do! :-) I shall write a full report when I get back. :-) Yeah, in the immediate aftermath of it I didn' the want to do it, but can't wait now. A bit apprehensive but I'll take it steadier this time. xxx


You are a star MY and deserve to feel very proud of what you have achieved! It is so hard when the sun is out and it is muggy too. Your post is an inspiration, I loved reading all about your race and I am pleased you are going to do Leeds. Well done you! Enjoy a rest day tomorrow x :-)


Thanks No Excuse! It was very tough but I'm proud of myself. It would have been impossible not long ago and I managed to get round in my target time. It nearly killed me, but I did it! Hopefully Leeds will go a bit better. At least there's no hills to be concerned with!

Thanks again! :-)


I walked through two drink stations yesterday - they also were using plastic cups. At each station, I took one mouthful of water from the cup - discovered that I couldn't really swallow while running anyway so threw the rest over my head and continued on :)


No, no-one can, I'm convinced of it! It just goes everywhere and pouring it over oneself is about all you can do with the damn things! At the end they were handing out squeeze bottles - they'd have been ideal during the race! :-)


Well done! That is amazing! You have come so far in a short time and embracing it all very well! You are a shining example which I hope to follow. My first 10km race is not until October and I too am hoping to finish around hour. You may only be a baby runner but you are a runner now :)

Re: cups, I take part in 15 mile walk each year and have done for about 10 years, this year, for the first time, there was no cups of water at the 5 mile markers. On the sponsor forms for the event it explain they are no longer allowed to give out drinks that are not sealed. I am sure how much longer cups will be used.

Well done again :) onwards :)


Thank you, Net! :-) How are you doing with your 10K training? :-)

That's ridiculous! Is it in case something gets in the, or due to the fact that they're tricky to drink from on the move?!

Thank you. Onwards, always!


I can't find a 5 2 10km podcast, so I am just increasing my distance each week but not doing it with any intervals so it is all running. However only just up to 5km! And still not under 30 minutes! I will keep going and see how I go :)


Well done ! I must ask, do you write all this in your head as you're going along or can you remember it all so clearly when you get back ? It's weird, the water thing, if I drink any water at all whiIe running I can hear and feel it sloshing around inside me and I can't bear it !! Luckily I can't forsee a time when I would want to run far enough to get dehydrated but I can see you will be doing marathons soon....


Thanks Henpen! :-)

LOL, funny you should ask, actually! Yes. Yes I do. As my running unfolds, be it training or the race yesterday, I'm planning how I'll write my Run/Race report. Most of it sticks as I go along but I do forget bits, only to remember later. I like to compose as I go along as it gives me something to focus on and I can work on getting the wording right; that's why I'm able to just sit down and write away, as it comes so easily because I've spent all-run composing it. Sad, I know!

I used to get the sloshing at first too, and also feeling sick, but it does go away in time if you persevere. I would love to run a marathon but yesterday's experience has taught me not to rush things and that I am in nowhere near a ready state for that. A good 18 months yet at least, I think! :-)


Hi Miles, welcome back! I drank from little placcy cups at my race last week. To ensure I could drink properly I stopped,drank, put the little cup back on the table and went on my way. I was glad of the rest to be honest

You were running like a man yer see, all gung ho, testosterone fuelled and wanting to beat times and pb's and stuff.

Bet you enjoyed it though. It was a blast wasn't it!

Well done, and you'll be even better prepared for the next one!

1 like

Thanks, MissW! (I'm still catching up; this will take me days! :D )

No no, honestly! :-P I already knew there'd be no PBs here due to the course and I thought that's what people did at drink stations - grabbed and ran. I now understand that works for bottles only!

And yes, it was a blast; hopefully the next race will be more so too and I'll enjoy it far more!


Great post, MY and a massive congratulations on completing the 10k in what sounds like far from ideal conditions. You should be rightly proud of your achievement. Wear your medal with pride. You earned it ;)


Thanks Paul! :-) I keep fondling my medal! God that sounds so wrong.....! ;)


Lol. You fondle it as much as you like ;)


Slightly lopsided happy dance for you due to cast on arm and bruised ribs!!!Great post!I am so pleased for you onwards and upwards to Leeds!


Thank you, Pot, for your delightful lopsided dance! :D You be careful, you, dancing about like that in your state! How are you feeling now?


Feeling much better thanks.Even managed a short walk on the mend!Soon be back on the programme!


That's a lovely medal M_Y and it's allllll yours :-)

(Haven't yet mentioned it - the yellow outfit is super!)

So glad you got over your grumpy, disappointed episode and returned to your natural state, Mr Paying-Attention, Forward-Thinking, Looking-on-the-Bright-Side and Delighted!!!

Like KittyKat says, a spot of display-cabinet-browsing wouldn't go amiss - that little treasure is the first of a great many that will be coming your way and every one will have a story! Can't wait to hear :-)

Nice work M_Y ... Yes, onwards, always as you say and Cooooool Runnings too to you! (as i say) :-)


Sorry for the delay in replying, BP; I'm STILL trying to catch up! :D

Thank youuuuu! Yes, I do love my shiny new medal; can't wait to add to it this weekend! And thank you; I do love my yellow running gear; it's nice and cheerful. :-)

The grumpiness didn't last for long, thank you; it was more delirium, I think, though genuine annoyance, for a very short while. I was back to my normal self remarkably quickly actually; I was surprised at how quickly I came to my senses!

Yes, I have been looking at Medal Display Solutions actually; I definitely want them where I can see them, as I am proud of what I've achieved. :-) I think there will be a story with every one, you're right. As long as it's not similar to the story from Sunday just gone! :D I received my race number for Leeds today, and my timing chip. :-) Onwards, always, and coolest of cool runnings to you!


Ooooo hello M_Y no problemo - for the future you can happily put me on your list of "no need to reply to this one" .... it'll be fine :-) You always have such a MISSION after a post cos we all LOVE ya and can't wait to scribble our responses!!!

So how's the chip this time? Easy to attach? No, no, no need to reply, i'm sure we'll find out later ..... MDS ..... so many options, you'll think of something - just bear in mind you may need architect's plans for an extension a) if you're planning on staying in the same house for a few years and b) you elect to display them individually in matching/themed frames on the walls ......

I think your maiden 10km story is one to remember - you learnt a lot; Leeds is going to be different again but nothing there will be able to reduce you to furious delirium!

Thank you! You too! :-) :-) :-)

(i'm looking forward to running Hockenheim on Sunday!!! - i'm in training cos i want to do the 4.6 kms in 30 mins max which will be going some, for me!)


Oh, good luck for Sunday! I really hope it goes well, which it will! :-) Please post to let us know how it goes!

*blush* and thank you, that's very kind, BP! I will always reply though, even if it takes some time!

My number and timing chip have arrived, ahead of Sunday. It's a strip of metal/foil kinda thing on a paper/plastic band that just feeds into the shoelaces and attaches by peeling off the sticky tape cover. It should attach okay.

Good luck for Sunday! :-)


Fabuloius blog, and WTF....your time is amazing, something I have only ever dreamed!!! You definately deserve new shoes, but Miss Garmin deserves a slap...naughty girl! Its my birthday in September too and I am hoping for a Mr Garmin.... you must be so happy :)

Oh and they had plastic cups at the Eden Half...and I didn't take water either....I was mortified, lesson learnt then for me too.....


Sorry for the late reply, JuJu!

Oh, another September birthday! When's yours? The 3rd is mine. :-) Hope you get a Mr Garmin for your birthday!

And thank you; I am really pleased with my time. Given the circumstances, it was nothing short of a miracle really! I am happy about it, despite my displeasure in the immediate aftermath; it's all a learning curve though.

Oh, so you experienced the same? I'm taking my water bottle to Leeds on Sunday, without a doubt. I'm not making that mistake a second time. I BELIEVE bottles are handed out at this one, but regardless, I'm taking my own. I can always refill my bottle on the move, slowly, if needs be. I was mortified too when I saw the plastic cups - genuinely horrified I was. I truly thought I'd need the ambulance at the end, so I sat very near to the thing!


Woo hoo! Well done! Great to hear all about your run and what a brilliant time. Keep smiling, and running. :)


Thank you, MrS! :-)


Your meandards make great reading :-)

Wow, what a race, thanks for posting, it's really interesting to read other's experiences especially in something yet to be experienced.

It sounds amazing, definitely something I want to do, and more so for reading this. All your lessons learned are handy to know. I hope I remember them when I need to.

Congratulations too of course. Luverly medal! :-)

(I want to hear about the Leeds run too)


Thank you, I Will!

I'm so pleased I help inspire others into great things themselves. When you do sign-up for a race, tell us and we'll all chip in with tips and hints and things we've learnt along the way. It's a steep learning curve; fun and frustrating at the same time, but a brilliant journey!

I do love my shiny shiny medal; can't wait to get the Leeds medal - I get a finisher's t-shirt with that one too. I will write a report when I get home from it. Thanks once again! :-)



Congratulations!! you did SO well, what a fast time-FANTASTIC !!

Sounds like it was an eventful run, good that you met some kind people and also were kind back to others-i like that :)

plastic cups does sound a bit rubbish, a strange system but i guess they have their own ideas why, or maybe its the cost(tho i'm sure these events attract sponsorship i guess?)

Was talking to my brother about your exploits and your penchant for running stairs( i am a bit of a C25K running bore!) and he mentioned the event below!!:well that would be one to aim for!!??

Hope you are enjoying a good rest now :)


Hey Aliboo! ☺Sorry for the delay in replying; it's taken me a while to catch up. Yes, I couldn't just leave the injured runner without at least checking to see if he was okay. I saw him at the end receiving medical attention. Hope he was okay in the end.

Oh I'm the same, always talking about running, but I've stopped doing it as much as I do tend to bore people. Oh my goodness, that link!

1,576 stairs?! Oh yes. Yes please. That will be something to aim for the year after next, definitely. It's such an incredible sport, Tower running! I'd love to run up the Empire State Building! Thanks again for that!

Rest seems to be working. Was due to run this morning but had to start work at six unexpectedly so it's been deferred while tomorrow then no running until Sunday in Leeds....

Hope you're well! ☺


HI M_Y!!

reckon the empire state stairs are definitely for you!! :) hope you have time for your run tomorrow.....

I've been a bit slack this week, only a short 3k on monday, was going to go tonight but too much stuff to be done, and bit hot and bothered, so have put it off til tomorrow :( either early or late...........

but i can go to Parkrun this week so that will be good and keep me motivated!

My pal from work did her 1st C25K session today!! :) hopefully she will join in the forum, told her its good fun and meet lots of characters to keep us entertained and enthusiastic! .......

No figs on the menu today........ :(


Hey Ali! (If I may call you that! :-) )

Did you get your run done after all? So hot, isn't it? :-( Enjoy your Parkrun on Saturday; I hope it goes great and that you have a brilliant run!

Oh how cool that you're spreading the C25K word and getting others onto the programme! How did she get on with the first run?

Figs, I need to get some more. Tomorrow. Also need to get some more crystallised ginger. ASDA sell bags in the baking aisle for £1 and they're the tastiest, most powerful ginger pieces I've ever had! :-)


Hi Miles( is that your real name? not sure! Ali is fine for me!!)

Did go late last night around 9.15pm, did the hill up the road which is a bit nasty, i wasn't fast and it was hard going but did get out i guess! certainly wore me out! Proper rivers of sweat on my face-eek!!! but it was really humid!

feeling a bit full of aches and pains, did look to see if they need any marshalls tomorrow but they're all sorted so i will give it a go on the run! hope it'll be ok!

Yes my workmate did her first run, she should have been out again today i will check on her tomorrow as i wasn't at work today. She has joined the forum-sallyiow is her name :)

Like the ginger thought, sounds good! No asda here yet though, but there is one on its way soon!

Hope all well with you! :) Happy weekend to you!! :)

off to do my 2 "C"s now, a reminder i set myself before bed , C for clothes(on airer!) running gear! and "C" for clay, my friend is teaching a class i'm going to tomorrow and need to prep some stuff she told me to do!!!

* just came to switch off fish light before bed, noticed comp still on, checked emails and yet again i'm drawn in to the forum!!! oh well there are worse addictions!!


Hey Ali. :-)

Sadly not, no. I do love the name Miles though; if I could change it, that's what it would be. I'm Steve, pleased to meet you. :-) My York 10K bib came through and under my number it has 'Steve' which is really cool, I like that. Not on my Leeds bib though!

Are you feeling any less achey now? Oh, you did so well on your run though, especially given the heat we're having at present! Well done; hills are good, bet you felt like you had a proper workout!

I'll keep a look out for your workmate on the forum; glad to hear she's getting on okay with it. It is great that you're getting others involved!

All's good here thanks, just making final preparations for tomorrow. Hope you're well! How was the clay class? I bet that's interesting!

Happy weekend to you! :-) Oh, yes, the forum is so addictive; sometimes I come here with the intention of doing a quick reply or post, then end up spending ages here! :D


Hello Steve! nice to know you! :) Miles_ Yonder good name for truck driver tho!

made it round parkrun ok! one little walk up steep hill, not a pb but a bit over 32 mins, still aiming for 30mins by end of year!! It was boiling so definitely a good workout, went straight to the class afterwards, it was nice to do something different and see my pal, we used to work in the cafe together(for 8 yrs) she left just over a month ago and i miss her, so its nice to catch up :)

Hopefully trying a parkrun in Bristol next week as am on mainland for a glass making bead course, a little treat for me! :) looked up the course its a bit hilly but nice 2k downhill to the end!! :)

Anyway, back to your 10k tomorrow!!! Hope you are donning your yellow? i'd love a bib with my name on, hope you are keeping them all for souvenirs!! you'll have a collection soon!

Hope its all good for you tomorrow, sure you will sail round and hope the weather isn't too hot!


off for my Pimms now! and choccie for Sat night treat.

PS my pal due her 2nd run but she hadn't done it when i saw her today, sure she will give it a good shot tho! :)


Well done Miles, think of all the positives and use the other bits that you felt did not go so well as a learning opportunity....we are all on our running journey together and we are learning so much from each other and our experiences. So glad that you are feeling so good now and looking forward to Leeds next week. Congratulations mate.


Thank you Amber! ☺

That's what I love about this forum; we all share our journey and experiences, both good and bad, and learn from each other - and have a laugh along the way. It's great!

Little bit nervous about Leeds, but I expect that really. Full report when I return home from it!


Very Quick Update: (VQU)

I went for a steady 3.5K recovery run this morning and while I didn't fancy it beforehand, I feel much better for it now. After a cold bath and some foam rollering, I feel much, much better. The run wasn't the easiest, fatigue played a part as you can expect, but I do feel better for it. The plan for the week, running wise, is a 6.5K steady run (one hill) on Wednesday and then no running at all before Sunday's 10K in Leeds.

Last night, in my tired, slightly delirious state, I did sign-up to a local running club. I'll tentatively go along to a run with them in the next fortnight or so. EDIT: my affiliation number just came through! Exciting!

I'm still catching-up with everything here and I promise I will get round to replying to you all at some point soon!


Great run report MY and well done on that time! The lessons you learned are the most important thing, we can run 10ks in training but race experience is a whole other thing (I've only done the RSR so far!). Can't comment on the paper cup/plastic bottle debate, other than saying that, yes, seeing the road full of nearly full bottles is disheartening. I was spectating at a small 10k race last week (on top of a hill in Stocksbridge) with about 50 racers and water was provided in paper cups out of a jerry can just less than half way round. Most of the front runners didn't bother with it at all, but those that did slowed right down, had two sips and then chucked it. One guy ran with a hydration pack on his back with a tube coming out of it, I thought that was overkill for a 10k but each to his own.

Best of luck at Leeds, there will be lots of speedy people going for PBs.

What club did you join, by the way?


Thanks Squaremum! :-)

Isn't it? Training is one thing but like you say, the race experience is very, very different. I'll be more prepared for that next time! I hope!

Yes a hydration pack for under 10K I wouldn't bother with; a water bottle is fine I think. I ran 11.5K the other week and my 600ml bottle was adequate.

I joined the Sheffield Running Club. They organised the race yesterday and members seemed friendly enough. There were a few at the RSR too. Are you in a running club?

Thank you; yes, I'll stay out of the way of the speedy folk if I can!


Ooh, so you'll be running in the pale blue vest soon! I know Gareth Irvine from Sheffield Running Club as he is race director at Hillsborough parkrun. No running club for me, as family schedule doesn't permit as yet. Maybe in the future. Good luck with it all!


Thanks Squaremum! I might skip the vest though; I think running vests look preposterous. I'll wear the t-shirt though! I've not done the Hillsborough Parkrun; heard it's good though. I know the park, just not done the Parkrun yet.

I ummed and arred for ages before the SRC; nearly went with the Striders.

Thanks again! I'll perhaps see you at the GYR in September. ☺


Fantastic achievement after only a few months running to do a 10K, you must still have a very very large grin on your face with aching cheeks! Well done MY, you are my inspiration to set a goal for a 10K maybe before Christmas methinks. It sounded like a very very hard run with the heat and the hills. You were so nice to stop and ask about the lessor fortunate runners with injuries and it sounds like the camaraderie on the day was amazing. Well done and thanks for putting all the time and effort into your fantastic blogs.


Thank you, Nelly! :-)

Go for the Christmas-time 10K! :-) You'll do great and it will be brilliant motivation to continue training through the colder months. :-) It was a very tough run indeed, on Sunday but hopefully this Sunday's race will be somewhat less horrible! :D

Thanks again. Have you got a race in mind?


Thanks MY, I. Ant find anything suitable in the calendar until February so that will have to do. I am doing a 5 mile on Sunday in London (the national lottery run) which I am not ready for so might have to walk bits but it will give me a good idea of the longer distances.

Hope the Leeds 10k is a better experience but it should be as you have learnt so much from last week. Good luck. X


Yes, there is a bizarre absence of races in the colder months. Dunno why as it's got to be better than running in the searing heat! February is my first race of next year too.

Good luck for Sunday, Nelly! :-) You'll do great; that looks a really good race too. I like it; I think I'll be up for that next year. The course looks really interesting; I like the National Lottery as an organisation and I love London, so it'd be a good race for me to be involved in.

I really hope it goes well for you; GOOD LUCK and let us know how it goes!

Thank you, I hope so. I have a feeling it will be much better actually. I'm really looking forward to it. I wasn't to last week's. I mean, I wasn't dreading it or anything but wasn't actively raring to go for it, but I am for Leeds. Probably because it's in a city and I love love love cities and get a buzz being in them. I have indescribable excitement for the York 10K in a couple of weeks!

All the best for Sunday; show the Olympic Park what you can do! :-) x


Mag - bl**dy - nifficent !!!!!!

Medal well earned I say!

Some great tips too - thank you.


Thank you, Rob! :-) I keep putting my medal on and looking at it! :D


Well done on completing the plan, your 10k race and I am full of admiration that you are so determined and signing up for all these 10ks. I mean 2 x 10k in a week! Wow! I do 1 x 10k and am hobbling around for a week :(

I know you will be in York on 3rd as well (u told .e so in FB where I am Phoebe Edna Beau. My real name is Nicola, or Nic to most. This will be my first ever race so I am anxiously excited but also worried I will have to hobble again afterwards, despite a good warm up, a longer cool down walk and post stretching. I ran 7.11k on Thursday just gone. It was a good run. I enjoyed it very much but I am feeling the knee jolts again. I wear sports orthotic innersoles which have helped. I do squats and lunges and other leg strengthening. I may not be able to train now at all because I don't want to risk injury before the race on 3rd!

Feeling ever so slightly concerned.

Anyway I don't drink a lot during a 10k so I think I will take a bottle with me and just use theirs for cooling off.

Thanks for your race report. It's very useful to me so I know a little more about what to expect


Hi Nic. :-)

I'm Steve, by the way, although am answerable to Miles too. :D

FB as in Facebook? That certainly won't have been me as I'm not on FB. Yes, I'm that one odd person who doesn't have an account on there! :D

Hmmmm. Are you doing any cross training? That will help keep your fitness up if you can't actually run until then. Do you use a foam roller? I've found it helps with odd twinges and niggles.

I understand your concern; it's a big worry. You could try running before then, but just ease off the next run if you feel any pain or discomfort afterwards.

At Leeds today they were handing out bottles at both water stations so I'm guessing it will be the same in York. I think they were 330ml bottles. The race was so well organised, I can't fault it at all, so I guess York will be the same. You'll love the medal, and the finisher's shirt is real quality! :-)


Wow just wow great summary you did fab. I will learn from your lessons esp lesson 3 I ran Parkrun last week and was virtually in tears I.was so down about how hard it felt. The support from the majority of other runners and marshalls is second to none at races- bar those who ran past people in distress of course. I ran a fun run with my daughter and the marshalls were fab. Maybe they were especially supportive seing asince I was running with a five your old but still!

I think you Did great, feeling much more motivated for my 10k but much relieved it's not a summer one. Will have to look out for you at our morun I will deffo need the pat on the pack


Wow just wow great summary you did fab. I will learn from your lessons esp lesson 3 I ran Parkrun last week and was virtually in tears I.was so down about how hard it felt. The support from the majority of other runners and marshalls is second to none at races- bar those who ran past people in distress of course. I ran a fun run with my daughter and the marshalls were fab. Maybe they were especially supportive seing asince I was running with a five your old but still!

I think you Did great, feeling much more motivated for my 10k but much relieved it's not a summer one. Will have to look out for you at our morun I will deffo need the pat on the pack


Sorry for double post. About drinking out of plastic cups whilst running, there is a knack to it I was reading about it online, apparently you squeeze the side to make the cup have a spout and that makes any excess spil over. Then you can.use the spout to pour into your mouth . Or lots of people walk through water stations and take in fluid.I hate running with water.5k I don't take water. Not sure what I will do for 10 but since its Nov I might check out if water stations and just drink there



Love meandards!!! Great post - well done


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