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Wk4 - does it sound like a plan?

So here's the dilemma - finished week 3 on saturday and feeling quite chuffed with myself. Sunday, I completed in race 4 life and was with a few friends and we ended up walking/jogging our way round taking 44mins for 5k. Now, today (Monday) I was going to start week 4. I set out and even before my brisk walk it died on me, went back for my phone and used that, towards the end of the first run that died too! I couldn't carry on as had no way or even knew exactly the length of time the walks were in between, so I came home.

My days of training really need to be Monday, Wednesday and friday, it was just last week I needed to shuffle them a day forward and Thursdays are a bit difficult to do it. (Sorry I'm rambling! Well done if you still with it) My plan was to go out early tomorrow morning (off work tomorrow so not a problem) and do session 1, session 2 Wednesday evening (I know that doesnt give me a days rest) and session 3 Friday. Someone has just pointed out I have not rested from yesterday and I should use that as my session 1 of week 4, do session 2 Wednesday and 3 Friday. If I struggle then just repeat week 4 next week.

Does that sound like a reasonable plan that may work? I really dont want to ruin what I have done so far as I am amazed at the difference in 3 weeks.

Thanks for staying till the end :)

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It probably depends on your general fitness, muscle strength and tone, but nothing will ruin what you have done so far, more than getting injured through overdoing it. If you can only manage only two runs per calendar week, then the rest of the plan will only take you a couple of extra weeks to complete, which is surely preferable to being laid up with injury which might delay your progress for weeks. I preach caution from my own experience and that of many other posters on this site.

Well done and good luck.

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I know it might cock up your best laid plans but I would take the rest day for sure. Your body does its best work on your rest day and you need to take it. That's why it's in the programme

You would regret it if you crocked your knee or ankle! Listen to Auntie Wobble


Thanks for your replies. I am going to take the rest days and go out Wednesday and see how I get on.


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