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Week 6 done

I have had the craziest busiest weekend known to man so yesterday was meant to be my run day but my feet were hurting so much from the previous days activities and I was so third I thought I'd have an extra off day and run Monday instead.

Monday came....I did not want to get up and do it and I really dragged my feet but I got up and went, genuinely thinking I can't do this, running for a whole 25 minutes is impossible and it was hard, there moments of real struggle but also some moment of ease.

I completed and I feel alive, and awake and joyful :-), is programme has done so much for my mentally and physically and emotionally and spiritually

I'm advocating exercise to people now (it wasn't that I hated it before I just preferred to be active as oppose to exercise) but I'm conquering demons as I run and to know I'm able to run for 25 minutes is amazing, I've come so far, I move to Belfast in 2 weeks for 3 months so I will need a new challenge then to keep me occupied.

Happy running. Couch to 5k family

Ooh and I use a pedometer today (I started from my warm up walk don't know if that right and I stopped it after my cool down walk) 3.84 km :-) which I'm proud of especially when I see that my last three runs have all been improvements 3.12 - 3.51 - 3.84


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Well done! I did the same run this morning and it was HARD compared to the last few. Congratulations on your steady improvement as well :)


Well done Hills! Week 6 is the hardest I think if memory serves. Now that's done you'll find week 7 a tad easier I think

When you move house, just think of all the new runs you can explore. That will be a real boost to your running. Happy days


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