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Hoping To Get A Jog On In July

I ran my first ever 5k on 12th April and sadly it's been downhill from there!

I've been poorly, toiled through two job interviews (one when I was ill again) and I've had a huge bout of "can't be bothered" syndrome. After two job rejections (now six since January) and finding work to be hard going, I've fallen into a pit of lazy despair.

But today I've been truly inspired by an old work colleague and her holiday photos - thank you Facebook! Kate left us around three years ago and I'm not being rude but she was a big girl with a lot "up top". Since leaving us, she's joined Weight Watchers, got a boyfriend and moved out of her parents house. I've seen a lot of her photos over the months and years and she's gotten steadily smaller and smaller and smaller.

Then today I saw a new photo and I've got to say that she's practically unrecognizable - she's a teeny, tiny picture of health and happiness. And I'm so pleased for her, because as a former "big girl" myself, I can relate to all the downfalls of being overweight. Therefore I have made a promise to myself that I will get up in the morning for a run, I will do my kettlebell workout on rest days and I will stop eating tons of rubbish.

There! I've said it and I shall do it (because part of me is a wee bit jealous in all honesty!)

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Oh go for it Jana, you can do it! You know you can! Good luck, let us know how it goes tomorrow, we will be waiting x ;-)


I was running alongside a fellow C25ker in my race today and she said she used to be 18 stone!!!! It can be done Jana but only if you give up the tons of rubbish. Do it today, you won't regret it. Eating well makes you feel healthier and you'll lose the lethargy that goes with eating too much of the wrong things

Let your friend inspire you to get back out there

I am doing exercise DVD's at home and loving them. They make my running better as I'm getting stronger. Give it a whirl Jana, you might really enjoy it.


Go for it Jana. It'll make you feel tons better, give you a focus and improve your confidence as well as your figure. Keep posting so we know how you're getting on. Good luck!!! :)


Well, you're commited now you have posted it!

Don't forget to keep us informed!

Happy running.... and well done on making the right decision.


OK I'll admit it, this morning didn't go as planned - I overslept!

Will try harder tomorrow - I promise x


Managed a 20 minute run, with the last 5 minutes at a faster speed. Quite pleased :)


Phew! Thought you'd bunked off for a minute! Well done x :-)


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