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Complete beginner trying to get into the habit of jogging

I am by no means overweight, in fact I am quite skinny, but like everybody else out there I have insecurities, mine being the size and shape of my thighs. I have tried running before, but gave up as I was simply trying to push myself too hard too fast and then felt even worse when I didn't manage. A couple of days ago I was once again looking at my thighs and feeling upset that they weren't the way I wanted them to be, so I decided why not try and do something about it? If I am really this unhappy with my thighs why don't I just start exercising again? There was nothing stopping me, aside from my own mindset. So I started searching for running programs as my last one had failed and left me feeling horrible. I came across couch to 5k and decided to give it a go. I completed my first run of week 1 yesterday and while that may not seem all that impressive you cannot imagine how proud I was of myself for finally deciding to do something. I felt good after running, because I had been able to achieve everything, despite there being a lot of walking involved and I am now motivated to go running again and even looking forward to the next 9 weeks. Mainly I am posting this because I feel that if my motivation starts wavering this might make me feel guilty and force me to running.

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Well done for getting out there - the first step is always the hardest and if you trust in Laura you will soon progress and see the benefits.


Well done for getting started! You've said something really interesting "I felt good after running, because I had been able to achieve everything", I've discovered that running is so much more than just changing your body shape (although it's a great bonus!) it's about realising that you can get your body to do things you never thought it could do, instead of hating your thighs for the way they look, give them a hug for succeeding at the run and carrying you along! I have always had body issues so I feel your pain but now I run because I want to be able to. I get far more satisfaction from completing a run than I ever did from losing a pound or two!! Keep it up and well done!


Very well done in taking the first step (literally) on this programme. It IS impressive and we all know here how difficult that first step can be, but you've done it!

This is a very supportive forum so please keep posting about your journey, asking questions or sharing any concerns.

I've found that a side effect of running is an increase in confidence and after a while you won't give a s**t about what you look like. You can run! The point is you were gutsy enough to start this programme and most people make excuses and end up doing nothing.

I have a sneaky feeling that you have already caught the running bug just by some of the things you've written! So, welcome and enjoy the journey!


The other answers say it all really, but if anything can get you running, this programme and this forum will do it.

Keep running, keep posting and good luck.


Completing the first run of week one *is* impressive. It means you've taken the biggest step of the whole thing, and gone out there for the first time. :) My w1 r1 was about 15 months ago - I still remember the run (in the rain), and the outburst of laughter from my friend's husband when I went round to hers straight afterwards because of how wet and how red I was!

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Thank you to everybody for the kind words of support! Just did day 2 of week 1 today and I must say I felt terrible while running, I thought I was going to collapse it was so hot, but once I got back to the safety of my house I felt a great sense of achievement. Hope everybody's running is going well! Xx


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