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TDF cyclists - what are they made of?

I've been on the couch most of the day watching Le Tour on TV (after being there live when it passed through Otley, of course)

Those men WOW!! You watch them in the morning and take another look in during the afternoon and they are still there pedaling for their lives and you realise this has been going on for HOURS. They will be doing it all again for many days to come. They are SUPERB athletes!

We have a small insight into what they must have been through to get to get themselves into this elite race. I think they are amazing!

And while the adverts were on I switched to watching the mens final at Wimbledon.

Such talent and now we all have an idea of all the hard work they must have put in. Hope they've inspired people!

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I know ! The Tour of Britain came through our town last year. I went to watch on a hill I used to cycle up puffing and panting and crashing through the gears and they came through as a single sinuous snake group, practically silent, no gears changing, no heavy breathing and SO FAST UPHILL. Just amazing !!


I know what you mean - they've been at it for hours and hardly seem to have broken a sweat, let alone heavy breathing. They amazed me too!

Aspirational NO,

Inspirational - DEFINTELY! I'm still getting a buzz from them just thinking about it!

I'm seeing my WY Go-cycling tutor next Saturday. I'm hoping he may be able to get me good enough to ride on the roads! That way I should be able to keep my fitness up, I hope. But I know I am an absolute wuss in traffic - it scares me so I cycle on footpaths when I can!


Totally agree Beek, they are truly amazing , the fitness, stamina and dedication they have is mindblowing really. Yep, true athletes :-) xxx


I was out on the bike today (sunny Surrey, not Yorkshire TdeF-ing) and going up a hill someone came swanning past leisurely pedalling, making it all look so easy (a couple (3) of the hills beat me). All I can say in my defence is that when they're finished they don't have to do the washing and ironing and cook dinner for hubby and brats and sort out the recycling and all the other miscellaneous jobs us mere mortals need to do!!!


Hahaha I always knew there was a reason I wasn't an elite athlete :D


Those cyclists are just amazing. I cannot imagine how they can cycle up a 30% gradient without keeling over and falling off. Such stamina! Extraordinary!

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Me too! They are amazing athletes! And I flicked over for the tennis....women's rather boring, saw the best during the week! Missed the men's, enjoyed the wonderful scenery and cyclists instead!

Oh, and, I'm also in wonderful Otley!!


Hi wispajrt! Do you mean you live in Otley or visiting? When I joined this group we used to get little general location maps beside our details. I used to enjoy imagining the many and varied locations. It was often an indication of the conditions people were faced with. Wish we could have them back again.


I live in Otley!


Ooh Wow! Wish I'd known about you ages ago. Would you fancy meeting up some time for a coffee and a chat about this C25K thing? We live in a fantastic place don't we? I am on the south side of the river. :)


That would be great! I think I recognise you! If I change my photo from one of my dog...

I'm south of the river, too.


Sending you a PM


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