So just what sort of animal are you?

Such a beautiful morning for a run - bright sunshine, fluffy white clouds but a cool breeze still to stop me expiring with heat. A skylark was soaring over the field to my left and then I saw a beautiful little deer bounding along the field to my right. Such ease and grace!

In my most delusional moments, I like to imagine that I am like a gazelle leaping along as if on springs, covering the ground with elegance and speed.

We know that JuicyJu is a panther and that Dan the Man is like Fenton sprinting through the deer in Richmond Park.

But what animal do you, my running friends imagine yourself to be?


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34 Replies

  • I'm a panter too!

  • Panter or panther or maybe a bit of both?!

  • There's nothing wrong with my spelling, Aftab!

  • :-)

  • Well I'd like to see myself as a wolf, prowling along the coast in Portsmouth, but the reality is probably nearer to a wombat :/

  • Panther also; love them and have a few panthery tattoos. I like to think of myself gliding gracefully along like a sleek, powerful panther, and not running clumsily all red and breathless in my usual manner!

  • Phowarr ! Sorry couldn't resist that :-)

  • Lol, no need to apologise, Poppy! :-P

  • I'm intrigued by the panthery tatoos...

  • I've seven tattoos in total, six of which are panthers, in various panthery poses. Those ones are on my lower legs and upper arms. So the lower leg panthers got an airing on Friday, with my running in shorts instead of jogging bottoms. I do like panthers!

  • Pictures? I think we need pictures!

  • Think I'm a sloth :)

  • I saw a sloth at Bristol Zoo that was practically manic!

  • That was a distant cousin....

  • Hey, me too! :)

  • Im a gazelle darling ! ( In my dreams :-) )

    I think Im a hippopotamus really xx :-)

  • I think of myself as a gazelle when I'm on the elliptical trainer! Running I'm more like an elephant (Want to be more of a Peregrine falcon or ostrich!). I'm normal life I'm a bumble bee!!!

    Love this post! S X

  • Ostriches make me laugh ! I don't know why, they just do ! Ha ha :-)

  • Me too! They look so awkward and well... weird! Fast though!

  • My tracksuit says Puma, my running shoes are kingfisher blue - if I was faster I could be a flying cat that dives for fish! Happy running folks!

  • I'm a greyhound! I have that rabid look in my eye and sharp teeth, and you better not be a rabbit!

    (Not a race winner though .... yet)

  • I am a wolf!

  • It's an interesting question Ullyrunner. I quite like the idea of soaring like an eagle, but I know I'm not as graceful and majestic!

  • According to Wikipedia I am a regal tang - because that's Dory from Finding Nemo "Just keep swimming, just keep swimming" (and with about as good a memory)

  • I used to have similar as my running mantra,' just keep running, just keep running'!!!

  • I'm a tortoise!

  • Me too!

  • Youre the Turbo version, with the go faster stripes on your shell :-)

  • Personally, I aspire to patherdom but in reality I'm probably more of a moggy - same sort of idea as a panther but a whole lot slower and more easily distracted by comfy chairs and kitty treats (chocolate!)

  • I love the idea of being a panther, the sleekness, the speed, they can swim too, their intensity and power... And panthering...

  • I am a seal... swift in the water but clumsy on land!

  • Tiger for me. Bit heavier than a panther (matches my build), likes to swim and doesn't mind getting wet. (Any driver who has seen me doing my rain dance 10k into a long run probably thinks I'm mad but I don't care.)

  • I'd be a terrier. Once I get a hold on something I never let go, don't often do as I am told and will eat anything if I am hungry!

  • I'm a duck: Flat footed and waddly - and much better at swimming!

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