Glitchy app vs podcasts

I've had some difficulty with the app, its been glitchy since week 3, and is prone to shutting down, which is a bummer when you're half way through a run and you don't realise!! So today i tried the podcasts, and would recommend to anyone else having the same issues. The podcast has music running in the back ground so you're aware if it stops unexpectedly. I also found the music really distracted me from how tired I was (5 min runs on the podcast seemed so much quicker than the app - possibly because the app was so glitchy). The only downside I found was that I couldn't work out how to download the podcast to play offline, you need to stream it from the site apparently. By other than that it's an excellent alternative to the app! :)

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Hi Lexi, have you tried downloading them from this link?


Download the podcasts from this page:

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I downloaded it from the Itunes store.


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