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First Post Grad week - Start Slow and Taper Off

to steal a quote from somewhere.

Well, after my triumphant 6.2k 40 min graduation run last Saturday I woke up full of enthusiasm on Sunday and headed out, slightly wondering if the previous day's effort was fluke. So I ran slowly as ran till I felt I didn't want to run anymore. Which was 47 minutes/ 7.4km.

I was thrilled to bits. a full 50% over where I had been a few days earlier.

Then as the day wore on, so did the muscle ache. Monday morning I was regretting my hubris. My new found breathing and running technique might have been capable of that distance but my legs certainly hadn't got the memo. I took Monday as a rest day and pondered my folly. Tuesday my thighs and left calf were still very tight, despite foam rolling and stretching but I staggered to Spin and after 45 minutes of bicycle torture felt loosened up enough to run home. It is a shorter distance but, warmed up, I managed to run it a decent clip. Am going to do this every week from now on.

Wednesday and Thursday I went out running again, but made a conscious decision not to go further than 5k. I am going to spend a couple of weeks just consolidating at this distance, letting my body catch up, before pushing on with the next section. I toyed with the idea of a longer easy run on Saturday, but in the end stuck at 5k again. For the time being increasing from 3 to 4 runs a week is increase enough. I am itching to get out and run today, but my knees are reminding me they need a day off. Will take the kids out for a bit of hill trail hiking instead. Recce some more routes for later runs -oops, No! I mean not think about running and enjoy being in the moment with my children.

It seems a bit bizarre: after many runs during the programme when I had to force myself to put my trainers on and get out the door to do my run, this week I am having to restrain myself from going out too often.

I am sure this starry eyed optimism too will pass, probably the first day of my upcoming hill training sessions, but for now am having more fun than I thought possible with shorts on.

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Look after of those knees Rignold. Take it for someone who has spent longer on the injury couch than off since graduating. Once you get proper knee issues, they're difficult to get rid of. Take your time my friend and build up your stamina slowly. You have plenty of time to work up to longer distances. Good luck


I know it's mad innit! What have we turned ourselves into?

I couldn't hack the increased running days. I moved up to four days a week but my body didn't. I was crocked. So, back down to three days a week and doing more work to get myself stronger. I can't see myself going back onto a four day week somehow.


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