Gimme Gimme Gimme a man after Midnight other reason for the title, other than the fact that I grew up with bedroom was plastered with the posters...I used to dream of being Agnetha in that tight white lycra suit bouncing around Bjorn...however the words of this song puzzled me...why would anyone stay up THAT LATE for A MAN! ( I was 9 in 1979!!!).....So I am back to that year when my nan bought me a tape recorder to listen to the music.... so many dreams at that age with my best friend Nicola from next door....

Then I had a catastrophe...I had an awful accident coming off my rollerboots and the sudden realisation It would be too sore to do it for ages...I was utterly utterly gutted....

so here I am hip problem has stopped me playing my favourite game...running...

In my sad grown up world, Gerry ( my Scottish Sports Osteopath) has said it could be 3 months till I run again...worse case it could be a stress right now, ABBA's words make sense....I need a solution to a problem so I can do the thing I so love again ( I hope you are with me on this....?!!!)...

For now, I am swimming, rowing, doing Juicyjuniors by speedwalking ( week 5 tomorrow ), walking slowly and doing exactly what I am told...

Panther went to a cave wounded...but is finding a way to cope, with fruit pastilles, loved ones, focus and hope...

I will be an Ultrarunner one day, and this is only going to make panther stronger...

You all are so amazing, and I want to thank you for your messages, your love and your panther strokes....this makes everything OK again....



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64 Replies

  • Sorry to hear the panther is wounded, we'll miss reading your panthering posts. Wishing you a speedy recovery :) x

  • Thankyou so much....

  • JuJu. :-( My deepest condolences. That must be so frustrating to have to sit out and rest when all you want to do is run. Sodding injuries. Sodding stress fractures; is there an injury one can have with running that doesn't involve some ghastly scan involving nasty IV dyes that make one vomit?!

    Hope you're not feeling too dejected; I know I would be. I might be joining you yet as my bizarre ankle twinge keeps coming and going so a trip to Le Doctor may be in order soon, along with eventually, a trip to a ruddy horrible scanning machine. I had a CT scan once; truly ghastly and the thought of anything like that again disconcerts me greatly.

    Really hope you're up and running again soon; keep up the cross-training and don't let it get to you! :-)

  • yes...get it seen to...I have had experience of scans and all sorts when I had a year off sick with back trouble...the MRI scanner freaked me out it was so close to my face, but I just counted and are doing so well, get it seen to, and get sorted...and I love the pic, what made you lose your 'above mouth' furry friend???

  • Yeah, I'll go see the doctor this week if it doesn't sort itself out. It's not painful, just there, and not all the time. It's fine now and mainly niggles during rest. On running/walking it's fine. Got a 10K race coming up on the next two Sundays so I'm doing those, but can scale training runs back if needs be. But on running, it's fine. I'm tempted to go see a physio first, see what they reckon. There's nothing to look at, no bruising or swelling, and no amount of poking causes discomfort. In fact, moderate pressure helps!

    Sorry to hear you're well acquainted with the vile scans. :-( It's annoying that an X-ray isn't much cop for stress fractures!

    Ah, I just fancied a bit of a change! :-) I think not having it streamlines me and makes me more aerodynamic. Or something. :D

  • It sounds like you have things under control... And my experience with scans was back in 1997 when I was ill with back trouble...I won't go into that time with my husband, no kids then, and best forgotten!!!!

    I think it streamlines nicely....happy panthering

  • Hello juicyju!

    That's definitely not the kind of news you want to hear BUT you're still SOOOOO busy with all those varied sports ... i'm betting it'll be much less than 3 months when Gerry lets you back out running again :-)

    Fingers and toes crossed for that for you :-)

    PS. did you not have those amazing adjustable roller skates that screwed on to fit everyyone's shoes? Don't think i knew anyone with rollerBOOTS!

  • Thankyou darling..I was sooo lucky, I got blue/ yellow rollerboots from a special of the first :) Oh and I promised my daughter I'd get some again...I have a fantasy about being Rollergirl!!!!!!!

  • Very special!!! Very nice and look how much you appreciated them! My feeling is that if you have a dream juicyju (aka Rollergirl!), you make it come true! :-)

  • I really enjoy your posts Juicyju. Take care of yourself and enjoy the swimming and rowing. I hope you get the all clear soon but most of all I hope you still keep posting to let us know how your doing.

    S X

  • Thankyou so much...means alot...

  • Oh no, that must be soooooo frustrating! Here's hoping it's not 3 months and you are up and running long before that. Good luck ;)

  • you know...panthers are determind animals, obedient and strong...I think it won't be so long .....( I so want to run my marathon in October....)

  • Oh hey,J J...I,was getting a bit worried about you.....hadn't seen a post from you in a while ...and was missing my inspiration :)

    Really am so gutted to hear about your hip problems.

    Though nowhere near as serious I'm sure, I have a trouble in a similar area ....problem caused by a trip and collision with a sunlounger in the garden in the dark ...after too much rosé..see my comment to the ' Bonkers for a bank Holiday Quest' post for more detail (if you must). I feel bad....haven 't run since Tuesday.....mine was self -inflicted , but yours wasn't .

    I hope ,really hope ,all comes good for you very soon and you are back up and running... and please keep posting... even if that's a very selfish request...but it's just not the same here without the panther x

  • Thankyou so much... What lovely things to say.. I hope you are feeling better? Those accidents can be lethal.. I had problems with my ankle for months after some booze fuelled dancing!! I will keep posting, a d I'm hoping ill be running again soon :)

    Thankyou xxxxxxxx

  • Oh I am so sorry you are hurting, hope you heal fast

  • Thankyou... I hope so too :)

  • JJ - gutted for you, but believe the Scots man and look after yourself first and foremost. Glad you have got the other things to keep you active - as that is the most important bit. Keep panthering and do keep posting we miss you when you are not here.

  • Awwww thankyou, it's nice to be missed...I'm definitely going to keep panthering doing other things....thankyou and happy panthering :)

  • Poor you! Hope you make a swift recovery. On the plus side it sounds as if the weather will be cooling down nicely when you're allowed back running!! Every cloud has a silver lining and all that....get better soon....

  • Very good point, I like your thinking!!!

  • Oh so sorry Ju, Ive been wondering what you were up to, and missed your posts. I really hope you get back to running soon. I shall keep everything crossed for you for a speedy recovery. You are still full of plans and positivity, so please keep posting it helps the rest of us! x :-)

  • Awww thankyou...and yes I will :)

  • Ah, I had the blue and yellow roller boots too and the Abba posters (I still love them!). Sorry to read about the hip, sounds a nasty one, hope you'll check in here and keep your spirits up.

  • I wish I hadn't got rid of my posters, but I still have the records and the annuals!!!! I am trying to find the same boots so I can go out with my daughter and pretend to be rollergirl ;)

  • Really hope you heal up nice and quick Juicy , and that you get to do your marathon.

  • Thankyou...I am very determind, so I willl, however long it takes :)

  • Thanks for the post. I know it must of been hard. You will be an ultra runner I know that. Sometimes we start something before we are ready but that doesn't mean it isn't to be. It just means we have lessons to learn about ourselves so that when we get there, it will at a time when we are at our best. The panther In you will guide you with all your basic instincts. Your still our panther. Happy panthering.

  • Wonderful wise words RFC....My inner panther is OK, shes snuggled up hibernating but dreams of running in wild places becuase she knows she will soon...thankyou :)

  • Oh poor JJ. I wondered where you were. But you are so fit your body will recover quickly and you'll be back in no time. You can't cage a panther for too long before she escapes!

  • Thankyou...I know....I can't wait to be running again :)

  • So sorry to hear you are wounded. You will be back - and in the words of ABBA

    "I have a dream, a fantasy

    To help me through reality

    And my destination makes it worth the while

    Pushing through the darkness still another mile"

    You have a dream, a goal to be an Ultrarunner but to lots of us you already are an Ultra -runner inspiring others. Speedy recovery juicyju

  • I love that fact I love them all, thankyou :)

  • Eeeekkkkkk, a wounded panther is a dangerous wee beastie. They are prone to sudden outbursts if not kept active, so it is really important for ALL of us that you keep fit (as best as poss) and well. With any luck, the Panther will soon be prowling the roads around her house again.

    Listen to the physio(s) etc, they do know what they are doing, even if it hurst us. Don't lash-out at them with your claws, and GET WELL SOON!!!

    Ultrarunners are not born, or made from training ~ they are brought to our planet from the far off reaches of space to observe us feeble [ordinary] runners, and to laugh distainfully at us as we puff-and-pant on our lung-busting runs ~ it's the same with Fell Runners, only they are brought to the planet with a leathery skin. mico-shorts and T-shirt, with the bum-bag the only accessory.

  • brilliant...and yes, panther is rowing ( which she finds boring but makes her sweat a little) and swimming which she loves...but she dreams of running again, its the only thing keeping her going!!! Thankyou :)

  • Rowing...boring....BORING!!!! Our son rows and does a double session on Sat and Sun and single sessions after school on Mon, Tues and Thurs. He is rowing mad....and this follows through 52 weeks a year. Not just on-water rowing, but Ergo training in the winter ~ I get to spend lots of time in the car waiting!!!

    Mind you, he is off to the Nationals a week on Sat so he could, and I stress could, be selected for the Country. He is rather good.

    I'm so pleased that you are staying focussed on your running goals, but ultras....!

    This 'girl' agrees that swimming is good, and our new pool is SPECTACULAR!!!!

  • Commiserations on your hip problem. Hopefully it's just a small hicup on the road to Ultrarunning. Get well soon, we all miss your posts soooooo much.

  • Thankyou Frannyfran :)

  • Sorry to hear that - I have enjoyed reading of your exploits. Must be very frustrating but as you demonstrate, there are plenty of other ways of keeping your fitness levels up until you can get out running again. Even the greatest ultrarunners have to listen to their bodies, though. I was reading an interview with Geoff Roes yesterday about the overtraining syndrome that has sidelined him from his ultra career, but he was still remarkably upbeat. Stay strong and you'll rebound before you know it.

  • very wise words....thankyou...and my exploits have only just begun ;)

  • Bummer, but you are a determined panther, you will be back!

  • I am...grrrrrrrrrrr

  • I'm on my way to Devon on my scooter right now! Under the seat is a bag of horse dung and mashed gnats testicles which we can use as a poultice for your hip. It should clear it up in record time!

    Ahhhhhhhhh nooooooooooo poooooor JuuuuuuuJuuuuuu!!! Quel damage! What a nightmare for you being stopped from your passion - running. But you must think positive, for once it's fixed, you'll be out running again.

    As for Abba, I too am a massive fan (as is Mrs Dan - even more than me!). My very first girlfriend bought me Abbas Greatest Hits when I was at school aged 13 or so, and I had to sneak it home without the boys seeing it, for it wasn't considered "cool" for rock n roll types to like Abba!

    take care Chiquitita!

  • I still have my 'greatest hits' record, and 'Voulez Vouz'...I have always dreamed of wearing the all in one white lycra combo that Agnetha Faltskog wore....for my running :)

    ....'Can you hear the drums......?'

  • Really sorry - glad there is other stuff you can do but try not to beat your frustrations by over-doing it. Happy ABBA singing. Sure you will be back out there soon. Linda

  • Thanks Linda :)

  • Oh Jucieju how horrible for you. I'd wondered why you hadn't posted recently but just assumed you were either on holiday or busy at work. Can only imagine how you're feeling at the moment but you've got such guts and determination that if anyone can get through it you can. Be kind to yourself and hopefully the panther will be up and at 'em again before too long.

  • Thankyou...I think panther needs a holiday...badly!!!!

  • thats bad gp thought i had that sounds like you have got it covered with your swimming keep plugging away and try to keep positive some times it may be hard but this is just another step in your running journey and it will make you a stronger runner for the future keep smiling you will be back all the best kate :)

  • Thankyou so much ;)

  • Panthers are wise cats as you are. listen to advice given, follow it through to the letter and you will come back as strong as before. Its frustrating JuJu as I know only too well but this is one time when you have to slow down for the sake of a good result. We all love your posts and not running does not mean you have to stop them. Dish out all that wonderful inspiration to the hundreds on this site, you are so inspiring and motivating and have lots to give. Take care xx :)

  • Oldgirl you are the always such wise words :)

  • Thankyou...and I willl ;)

  • Sending you good vibes :-) you are tots amazing. I am sure that this is just a small stop on your journey to becoming an ultrarunner. It may not feel like it, but with all the activity you are doing, you are maintaining your fitness and getting some fantastic cross training in. I bet you'll find you come back stronger to running after this enforced rest.

    In the meantime, enjoy & keep panthering on xx

  • Thankyou...and yes, I will keep panthering :)

  • That's a real shame JJ, good luck with your recovery. If it's any comfort there will be quite few on here that only came to running AFTER injury or illness so plenty to be optimistic about. I've been enjoying a few Cornwall runs and we also headed to the beach at Gwithian though avoided the water after this story ....

  • Thats grim :( My brother in law is a surfer, they live in Truro, and my mum in Hayle so I won't share with her although she's probably read it...Cornwall has the best runs...happy pastyrunning pastyman :)

  • Oh I doubt that too many men would be any good after midnight anyhow!!

    But JuicyJu YOU will be an ultra runner, and a brilliant one at that too.

    Just think of it another way, you are much closer now (even injured) to being an ultra runner than you ever have been before in your whole life.

    Exactly like when you got back on your roller boots after your fall, at the time it hurt a lot and you thought it would last forever, just like right now all you want to do is run - well you will get back into your brooks, you will get back on your feet because you have the determination.

    oh and I love fruit pastilles they were one of my favourites when I was growing up too....

    Happy Rowing/Swimming/JuicyJunoiring

  • Thankyou...fruit pastilles and panthering keep me going ;)

  • JuicyJu, take care, try to enjoy the rest and swim as much as you can. Panthers swim don't they - well, tigers do!

  • definately...they love swimming :)

  • Horrible luck JJ - really sad to hear that the panther needs to take a bit of a rest. Keep up the cardio through cross training though and I reckon you'll emerge with a giant roar from the injury cave before you know and be ready to hit that October marathon with all you've got...

    Thanks for motivating the rest of us as we plodded through C25K (and beyond)... I really do hope you get this sorted out and we've all been wondering where the panther had been hiding...

    Dan's remedy does sound worth a try! :)

  • Thankyou...and yes, cross training sounds sort of good.... :)

  • Hi juicy ju so sorry read your post, I wish you a speedy recovery . Your roller booting story's the same as my daughter, the same age as you, out playing quite happy getting used to them ,when dad came home from work goes out to show her how it's done, next thing head over heels broken arm in two places, never put them on again .

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