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Knee injury advice please

I was out doing a run two weeks ago and had a fall - hurt my knee bad graze which has now finally cleared up but I cant put any weight on my knee when I kneel in fact the pain is excruciating - I went out back for a run this morning and knee felt fine whilst moving and I have no pain when walking or standing just when I weight bear - any ideas to what I could have done would be great thanks

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Have you been to your gp? If not I'd go asap or if you have a local minor injuries unit. It needs proper examination to rule out any significant injury. Sorry to hear about it :( hope you are okay


There are so many parts (muscle, ligament, soft tissue, bone, cartilage) I really would go to see someone. Either your GP, minor injurys unit as totalbeginner suggests or a Physio. Get it checked out and hope it's better soon. Let us know how you do. x


I had a fall last summer, unrelated to running I just fell over my trousers ;-). Anyway a ,painfull knee that lasted much longer than the cuts and bruises was eventually diagnosed as iliotibular syndrome (or something like that). Apparently more common amongst runners, I had managed to push my knee cap and other internal knee bits on to the knee bit of the ligament/muscle/thing that runs from the knee to the hip and damaged it. The pain in my knee and hip was really extreme. So although I had a simple fall, I had developed something far more long running, so although it probably isn't the same as my diagnosis I would take a trip to your GP just to be on the safe side. I also once chipped my knee cap in a simple fall - as you can see I'm not really good at the standing up bit of moving around.


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