Thank you Laura, Parkrun, this forum, fitbit and Random Aberdeen Lady!

I started this whole running, losing weight, getting fitter thing only in January. I'd never really bothered with this sort of thing before but running had always had some sort of distant attraction to me - maybe the freedom, the cheapness, the democracy of it?

But my couch was more comfy and it wasnt till i stumbled across a c25k programme - and then Laura - that I even started to think it was do-able... well it is! And with what results!

I've lost 12 kilos - i'm eating a bit healthier but the extra exercise really helps - my skin is better and I can fit in old, nice, clothes! ( its another 12 to go before "normal BMI" but this was my first target :)

I'm also more than 18 months free of the ciggies, which means I can manage things like stairs better too!

I'm also able to call on a great group of people right here - for advice about shoes, running watches, getting the collywobbles at wk6... you guys saw me though that crap!

I get through my 10k steps about 5 times a week (the off days are usually alochol based!) thats boosted my fitness and stamina and given an easy, countable target - Fitbit helped with that (im here - - connect with me!)

But what i'm really excited about today... Oh my! I only started parkrun after I graduated in March - my first one was 35 mins and I was happy with that... but drum roll please...

!!!As of this morning I have got my 5k to 29:45!!!

Thanks to the lovely Scottish/Aberdeen lady who was chatting to me on the second mile (chatting - ha - unbelieveable!) She was doing a good job, and it really paced me even tho i had no idea if she was going faster or slower than my usual level. Unfortunately by the home straight she'd got ahead, and I didnt get a chance to say Hi or thank her after so I'm writing this instead! Thank you lovely red-tshirted lady from Aberdeen!

Under 30 min 5k whoop!


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  • Congratulations that is a fantastic time !!! :D what a great post to read it really tells us what can be achieved

  • Better late than never!

    Thank you - I really never thought i'd graduate , let alone get to this point - so honestly - you can too!

  • Fantastic achievement and what a great time. It sounds like you've achieved so much since January. Very well done :)

  • Cheers :) Sounds like you are doing pretty darn good yourself! Pats on the back all round (if its not to cringeworthy!)

  • Thanks and not cringeworthy at all :)

  • Whoop Whoop! Well done, you are an inspiration!

  • I think i might have to frame this... no one has ever said this about lil old me before - I'm super chffed that this even crossed your mind! I'm sure youll be there before you know it- if you want to!

  • Congratulations! You have accomplished so much. Great time for the park run!

  • Thanks - it felt so good - although i have probably no chnace of bettering it! Oops!

  • Great post ! You have achieved so much, just shows what can be done when you put your mind to it. Congratulations and all the very best for your future running adventures :-) xxx

  • Thank you :) I'm not sure how much of my mind was working by the end of it though!

    Thats a lovely sentiment and best of luck with yours too!

  • Brilliant results in both your running and your weightloss.

    Happy running!

  • I can't actually beleive I'vew got this far- have to pinch myself a bit (theres still plenty to pinch!)

  • Awesome simply awesome :) :)

  • As are you - thank you :)

  • Fantastic story. I'll look you up on the fitbit forum too.

  • Thank you so much - I dont use the forum much (its not nearly as buisy as here!) but happy to be added as a friend if you'd like! :)

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