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Week 8 and my first early morning run complete!

Three more runs to go! I'm excited now. I'm due to complete the programme next Wednesday. It's good timing too, as I am flying off to Corfu for two weeks next Friday. Phew.

So I could keep to my schedule and finish before my holiday, I went for an early morning run for Run 3, my first. I've had concerns about mornings runs, about whether I could hydrate and eat well enough beforehand, and whether I would run well because I'm just not a morning person!

What was I worried about! It was fine. I drank a glass of water and ate a handful of strawberries 15 minutes beforehand, so hunger and hydration weren't an issue. Similar to my previous run, I got tired towards the end, and had to be watchful of my pace, but I finished strongly. Again, I hardly checked my watch. I'm no longer worried about being able to complete the run, I know if I keep putting one leg in front of the other and don't rush I'll definately finish.

The only thing I didn't like rushing around getting ready for work. In my evening runs I can sweat off the day, then come home and relax. So I think I'll keep my evening runs, but mix in morning runs when the need arises. It's nice to have that flexibility.

Onwards to Week 9!

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Well done, it sounds like you are on track to graduate next week. Good luck for your final week and have a great holiday.


Oooooer, it's getting so close. I'd finish it before my holiday I think as it will be out of the way and you can celebrate!

Go very carefully now, slow is fine, just be careful on your runs this week as you need to be in fine fettle for the final week.


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