The change in me !

I was out of bed at 5.30 am , have to be at work for 8 , running gear on & off I go ,as I was running I was pondering , & I have come to the conclusion that we , all of us have been brain washed ! Yes we don't realise it but we ,the selected ones are nothing but brain washed running disciples . Because that's the only explanation I can come up with , for something that has me out mi bed & running 5k before a ten hr shift at 5.30 am !


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20 Replies

  • It is just wonderful, isn't it? And of course we have this brilliant community which feels the same way and understands this aberrant behaviour. I feel really sorry for those poor souls who have taken up running and have no-one to share it all with. They must be the glum faced runners that we all encounter every now and then, trudging their lonely way through the streets. Not like us smiling, happy, high fiving C25kers. I feel even more sorry for the poor sods still stuck to the couch.

    Good for you, Rockette. Long may it last.

  • Yes-- I am sure that others you know are talking amongst themselves about your "mid-life crisis" :)

  • thats real dedication! Well done on such an early run, but i think you're right, there's definitely a bit of brainwashing, must be Laura's hypnotic voice those first few weeks that set us on that journey !!

  • You're great! You're mad! We're all mad! We're all great! Don't know what has happened but it is magical.

  • Great post! Running does something to us, I'm sure of it. We start running to get fit. Before we know it, we have this strange magnetic dedication to it, getting up very early to run - and wanting to do so as well!

    Really well done on getting up so early; it's not easy, I know, but wasn't it worth it?! :-)

  • That's dedication :) Actually I think you are right, something strange does happen to us, I'm not sure what it is, but it feels good ;)

  • Do you think we've been "selected" for study by the "little green men"?.

  • I think this sums it up - my running friends, especially the one that has entered me for the marathon in (eeek) only 4 weeks time, think I have become 'normal', whilst everyone else thinks I am crazy.

    We are designed to run so we are the normal!!

    Long may it continue.

  • Just a thought but has anyone played the podcasts backwards ... perhaps there's a secret brainwashing message in there somewhere a la The Beatles and Seargent Pepper :D

  • I'm quite sure my non-running friends tired long ago of my early morning starts, running through snow in Finland at 5am, being chased by protective geese along the Thames, chasing deer out of the park and other early morning frolics... we're all a mad bunch, but the "right kind of mad"...

    I could never get out of bed until C25K came along - now I go to bed early so I can be "ready to run"... it's a crazy kind of madness alright!

    Great post!

  • I've not run early in the morning yet. I'll have to try it.

    Well done Rockette, you're an example to us all!

  • Before a 10hr shift?? Totally mad and very admirable!! Brainwashed or not you are making change happen for you! Have a great day! x

  • ...also, how lovely are the very early mornings ? Especially now on the summer when it's nice and cool for running, yet light. I might not feel the same in the winter but for now it is a gift.

  • You are right, you must be. I'm known in our household not to be a morning person, struggling to leave my bed, but like you I'm up at 5.45 ready to run before work. That is as much of a miracle as actually doing the actual running!

    Happy running :-)

  • I've not done an early morning run yet - 7:30 is usually my time. But yes I think there must something that is brainwashing us all! It's not just a addictive but also catching - 4 of my friends have taken up running since I have started! Happy Running :-)

  • Well done!!!! you are absolutely right about the brainwashing part. No one could ever get you up at 5am even to watch your best programme unless you had a plane to catch, and even that you would be a bit serious. This is called positive brainwashing. The only reason we all do this is the way it makes us feel the whole day long. It is right in the middle of our system now. Have fun and happy running.

  • Have you all noticed, the comments are all from Graduates and PandaRunner has finished W9R2 and is just about to gratuate

  • There are far worse 'faiths' to follow!!

    I, however, would happily run to church on a Sunday morning, but I don't as I'm afraid I would offend with my punget odour!! I drive down instead and run before or after.

  • Whether it's Laura or that we are creating new neural pathways, it's definitely a the brain thing! I'm not in your league but I am out by 6.30 or 6.45. It's great being out before the general population are heading off to work and the streets and paths are pretty much clear - apart from the other folk out running.

    Sounds like you are well recovered from your time on the couch and raring to go. Long may that continue Rockette :)

  • You rock, Rockette! I'm an early runner too....woke really early on Wednesday and tossed and turned knowing I was going to get out there sooner rather than later. Was out the door at 6am doing Stamina from Couch25K+ and boy, did I love it!!

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