Fartlek worked!!

Been out late tonight as thats just how things worked out! put macaroni cheese in oven, off on 3k to town and back at 9.15pm, just wanted to say that Miles_Yonder's mention of trying the fartlek system worked for me,(thankyou!!) i did my fastest 1k of 5.35, knocking 7 secs off PB set on Saturday! so thats encouraging news and i shall be trying it more often, with the incentive of dinner beckoning which also seems to work well for me!! plus the fact that last bit of run is downhill which may just have helped too!!! :)


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18 Replies

  • Knowing dinner is waiting works for me too!

    Good to know it's working

  • definite incentive!!!! :)

  • Ah, it's working for you too! :-) Excellent; keep doing a few of those a week and you'll really notice a difference! Macaroni cheese: mmmmmm; hope you enjoyed it!

  • Yes, thanks for the tip, i bookmarked it so have shown link below to holbops who enquired!

    Macaroni was good, had some wensleydale with onion to use up so mixed that in with cheddar! yum! Feeling a bit flaky at end of shift at work tho!

    * I only did a mini amount of fartlek-ing so will build on that!! ! :)

  • Can you remind me how it works please? Well done :)

  • Thanks! This is the link that miles_yonder posted that i used, i only did a mini version on last k to try the concept!


  • Don't you just love it when a plan comes together.

  • Yey! would be great to do more k's that fast but the odd one will do for now!! :)

  • I used to think that dashing across roads before lights changed and to get past pedestrians before paths narrowed counted as Fartlek..

  • i reckon they do!! you''re still speeding up!!! i always used go a bit faster when i started c25k so people didn't think i looked TOO slow!!! and that still happens now!!! :)

  • That's great, I may have to try that myself. What sort of distances were you doing your speedy stuff over? x

  • Short ones!! 2 telegraph poles, only tried it on last k for 3 sets of bursts just to see how it felt!!! :)

  • Great stuff - going to have to try that myself now... Did you just randomly decide "right, sprint to the next lamppost" or "speed up now until that tree"?? I've heard that mixing it up and just "going for it" randomly can work wonders... in Sweden they apparently have a "follow the leader" system so you never know when the next one is coming along... a sneaky Fartlek one could say...

  • yes, you have the right idea! telegraph poles, hedges and signposts for markers, then a final sprint(ish!) to the end of my road!! :) that swedish system sounds like it could be good!

  • This is something I'm going to be trying tomorrow morning. I've read up on it in a magazine. I am regularly running the speed podcast and doing hill workouts so thinking I want a bit of a mix up now. Time to build up the intensity after running for six months. I also do weight training twice per week. I do really hope the farlek thing works for me too. It's nice to hear you're still getting out there Aliboo keep it up, we're doing great!! I hit my foot on a fence to a play area with my daughter yesterday so feeling a little sore. I hope it improves soon. :-D

  • Ow poor foot! :(

    you sound like you're doing well! weight training too! i'm walking to work when i drop of dog at my dads, as our free car parking has put 1.5hr limit, so that will help too, about 45 mins a day..

    am feeling tired on way back from work today, the sunny weather makes it a bit of a slog :(

    should get out again tomorrow all being well! I used miles_yonder's link: it was only a little trial go last night but will try to keep it up! i know, that 6 mths has gone fast and i should crank it up too!


  • Glad it's working for you. I've been running intervals and hill sprints, but I think I might be a little too undisciplined for Fartlek - I'd never decide it was time to start going faster!

  • sounds like you're working hard ! i saved mine for the last k as a tester really, to see if i could cope, but the end in sight helped too!! i was hot and sticky when i got in! :)

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