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So grateful for the rain... I went for a run on Friday after a full week of forced rest - I did try running once but felt too dizzy - and had to stop after 3 minutes. Has anyone found it difficult to run with hayfever? Any tips? -I try to avoid anti-histamines and am trying the cider vinegar "cure" - it seems to get better but then again the rain has reduced the pollen count...

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I struggle with this as well, I run along a cycle track which is very pretty but surrounded by pollen, I definitely find breathing more difficult when the pollen count is high and have to stuff tissues in my sports bra to cope with my runny nose (what with the sweating and red face this is not a glamorous activity for me!) Running first thing seems easier, I'm not sure why, maybe the pollen hasn't started floating around yet? Putting vaseline on your nose is supposed to act as a barrier so that might help (again , not a great look!) Do you know if you are allergic to anything specific like trees or grass so you could avoid them or could you resort to a treadmill on days when the count is very high? Not much help I'm afraid, I'll be really interested to see if anyone else has some suggestions. On the plus side, if you are in the UK the summer months don't last for long!


Thank you! I will try the vaseline - maybe not the treadmill, I always give up after the first 15 minutes unless is winter, cold, rainy and dark outside :)

I think it's grass, nice catch-22: I have 1/2 acre of grass around my house.... , cannot strim or cut because of the pollen, grass grows even more and I keep sneezing ! Anyway... as you said summer here are short like in the UK (I'm in SW Ireland) ​


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