3k became 6k

3k became 6k

Hi Everyone. Yesterday I posted that I had just finished W6R3 and was about to take part in a "colour me happy" run today in Portsmouth. Some of you lovely people replied and wished me luck, which was rather wonderful. I had trained for, and expected to do 3k and as I had just done the 25 minute run felt pretty confident I could do it. Well, today, the team I was with ran the 3k and I felt so good at the end - I went and did it again! The second 3k was a lot tougher and as the "volunteers" had a lot of paint left over, I ended up a lot greener than I started. But Naomi House Hospice is now £500 better off too - everyone's a winner! I have vowed to continue with the course next week....

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  • Fantastic effort, looks like you had lots of fun :) good luck with the rest of c25k looks like you shouldn't have any problems getting to graduating after doing 6k!

  • Thank you - I'm still amazed. 6 weeks ago - no chance!

  • I'm surprised you could see where you were going ! Well done, I'm looking forward to doing a 5k one of those in September, I will try and remember to take my glasses off having seen your picture !

  • Take an old pair - they chuck paint at your face so at least my eyes were saved..... but enormous fun!

  • Fantastic effort and it was so good you did it twice :) Well done and good luck with the rest of your c25k :)

  • Thank you - appreciated!

  • Sounds and looks like you had a brilliant time! Well done on going the distance - twice!

  • Thanks. It was great fun and highly recommended - especially with a team so you can share the laughs!

  • Looks lots of fun, I have one next week! Good luck :)

  • Brilliant fun - you'll have a great laugh! Post the picture....

  • That looks like a lot of fun. I am waiting for a run or dye to come to Coventry so I can sign up.

  • I bet there's loads of them. ...colour me happy, rainbow run, etc. As you can see they are great fun, non competitive and great for friends and families. Good luck!

  • Wow that looks like it was fun!! Congratulations on your unexpected 6k and fantastic fund raising effort :)

  • Thanks! I can recommend colour me happy as a good way to have a stress-less run.

  • Wow! 6 KM! Well done you! Looks like a lot of fun too, hope I can find some fun runs like that when I'm ready for them! x

  • It was loads of fun. Its amazing how far adrenaline will take you. Good luck with your one!

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