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My first run

Well I'm back from my first run and survived it and managed to keep going. Found it really tough though and couldn't power walk in the recovery sections...I had to slow to a stroll. I think I found runs 3-5 the hardest and funnily the last one was a bit easier but I think that was because I was on the flat leg coming home and run 5 was slightly uphill as i was coming out my local park.

There's a few things to get right for next time. Firstly, I wore too warm a jacket but I couldn't find anything else to wear to tuck my phone into with a high enough pocket. I guess I need to buy one of those things to wrap round my arm and just go out in a tee shirt or light fleecy. Also, I'd been to a party and had a few drinks the night before and probably wasn't as hydrated as I could have been. Mistake.

I wore a heart monitor that I'd I bought a few years ago and used the mapmyrun app so I can keep check of progress in the future.

The most important thing is that I did it so that's a great mental boost and I've got a day to recover before I try again on Monday.

Postscript: once I'd got home and sat for 10m I was so stiff when I got up again. I think another thing I will need to do is to make sure I do some stretches or yoga when I get back home after a run.

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Well done, you are on your way to becoming a runner just like the rest of us. I don't know how cold it was for you but can safely say you will soon warm up running so if you feel you do need to wear a top layer try a micro fleece which you can tie around your waist when you get too hot. I am still running in T Shirt tops and will be for some time to come. Good luck with your next runs and please keep us posted on your progress.


Thanks oldgirl. So can I ask how you carry your phone?


Well done. On the road to becoming a runner. Great. There are some good stretches on the NHS Choices website and are definitely worth doing after each run to reduce/avoid the stiffness and aches.

Good luck with C25k and keep posting.


Many thanks for your best wishes and I'll have a look on the website.


Well done and welcome! I find post-run stretches are essential - these are good: I carry my iPod/phone in a very light cloth moneybelt - the sort designed to wear discreetly under your clothes when you're off backpacking somewhere tropical. I started using it as a temporary fix but it works well so I've stuck with it.


Thanks for the advice


Congratulations for starting the programme. It's great and builds up gradually. I mirror the other posts re stretches, they are really important and as your body gets used to the running it'll adapt and recover quicker. Good luck and keep us posted :-)


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