Couch to 5K

Help, I'm going backwards but apparently Laura knows best !!

It's been a week since I last graced the treadmill, wk6r2 (successful) apart from my shambolic attempt at wk5r2 outside ( unsuccessful) due to life, visiting friends etc etc. So on I popped and started up my c25k app but the

Only runs Laura wa prepared to offer were wk5r2 or wk7. No choice there then! Off I trotted ( wk5r2 better than nothing) phew it was hard going , nearly walked in the first 8 min bit , a bit of an improvent in the second one aaaaand walk. Question is which run should I choose next? Should I carry on with wk5r3 or go forward to wk6 r2 & redo that before I carry on ? I'm a bit dissappointed & frustrated with myself but I know it'll be alright in the end if I just keep on keeping on

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Week 6 run 3 is for 25 minutes, as are the 3 runs of week 7! Just fast forward to week 7 , but repeat 4 times! Hope this help.

Happy running


Thanks for your advice FF , I think I'd better try wk6 r2 before I try the dizzy heights of running for 25 mins but we'll see how we go . Anyway. ."on & up " as before !


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