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Badum bum! Week 5 done!

I've not posted for aaages as I ended up only doing one run a week thanks to work and kid pressures then got stuck on week 5 run 1 for like, ever. This week I powered on through run 2 in the blistering sun but today I conquered the 20 minute monster! Thank God it rained so I was cool (there's something marvellous about running in the rain) and I can happily say that I totally nailed it! I could've kept going even! Not bad for a very overtired, very overweight 38 year old mother of two tiny ankle biters. I may have looked like a tomato but I felt like a queen. Bring on week 6!!!!

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Hey, welcome back to the fold and well done on conquering week 5.

Good luck for week 6 whenever that is!


Wow! That's fantastic! Beetroot! Tomato! Tato tarto tomado tomato......etc

Queen for a Day, that's you!

Keep up the good work!!! Happy running!


woohoo! well done it's a great run to get under your belt - good luck for the rest queenie

from a fellow tomato face


Fantastic! I hate running in the heat and always get very red faced. I used to worry about it but now I don't give a toss. Wear it with pride.


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