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Fog, Smog or Cloud?

Got up this morning to do w7r2, looked out the window and couldn't see much. Thought i would wait a bit, is it smog or fog covering the mountains. As i am fairly new to worrying about smog, i wasted an hour considering the dangers or running in smog vs. not going out for a run. It was time to stand outside to determine the nature of this white stuff, feels cool and not smoggy. Decided i would risk a run even if i was the only one.

Decided to run down this central bit of the road, sounds dangerous but between the lanes of traffic is a central bit, lots of people use it for cycling, jogging and it even has play areas. They make it nice by having trees, fountains (in chile they really like their water features) and statues. During my warm up walk saw fellow jogger, ok feel better now it might not be smog. Visibility was fine by the time i actually got out, so it must just be cloud covering the mountains.

So Laura says its now time to do my run, just start and my iPod starts playing random music, really felt like i needed laura today. But thought lets go with random music, until it started playing classical music - not really my thing while running. I must have put the iPod in the wrong side of my keys ! Had to stop and thought lets play my running playlist i created. Luckily i had my garmin to help me keep track of time. Saw other joggers along the way so feel better.

Anyway managed to run 4km in 26mins and 6seconds. I usually only run 3 times a week but think i need to start running four times - really need to start shifting this extra weight.

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Just run every other day as prescribed by the programme. Don't be tempted to miss rest days as it's too soon. You have to build up strength first, to allow your body to sustain the increased level of exerercise. If you do too much at this early stage you might get injured

Happy running!


Thanks miss wobble, i will stick to the rest days, just instead of having two i will just have one. I don't want to get injured but weight not shifting. Having said that i will see how the legs feel, if they are not ready i won't go out.


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