Graduated :-)

Done it! Have done 5 x 30 mins over the last 2 week (I only did 1 x 28) to make sure I could maintain it outside, and today I did 32mins. Starting this programme is by far one of the best decisions I've ever made. I'm in complete shock still that I can run for 30minutes.

Anyone who is having doubts at the start, please persevere - the buzz you get when you first do your long run of 20 minutes is worth every ache, pain and drop of sweat!

I am running about 4km in 30 minutes at the moment, so I'm going to now work on getting up to 5km. As soon as I can do that, I'm going to enter my local park run, a sentence I never ever thought I would write!

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  • Well done! it's a fantastic feeling . Enjoy it :)

    I was like you and waited awhile aftergaduating to do parkrun but looking back I really didn't need to. honestly if you can run for 30 min you can do 5k. I really enjoy the parkrun now and lots of people stop for short walk breaks so if you need to don't worry. When i finally did parkrun it was the first time I'd run 5k. Get your barcode and just try it!

  • Congratulations on your graduation. A fantastic achievement. Well done :)

  • Congratulations.

    Parkruns are fab and you can run/walk them, everyone cheers you on it's a great feeling, I am one of the slowest at mine and I don't mind coming in last because I've done it.

  • Congratulations on gradataing! You should have a go at park runs, I so wish they had them in santiago. When I am home I will giving them ago. Keep us informed if you get to one.

  • Well done. Wish you all the best on your future parkruns.

  • Congratulations on your graduation. Very well done :) I won't mention Parkrun because I haven't done one yet either :)

  • Great achievement:-)

  • Congratulations, a huge pat on the's an amazing feeling to have completed the plan. Happy and healthy running to you.

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