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Newbie, but graduated!

Just found this site and forum and really should have been on it sooner!

I have just completed week 8 so did my 30 minute run yesterday! Yeh. Never thought I would EVER manage even 5 minutes but this program WORKS! I hated running before, the thought of it terrified me but then I started to see friends doing it and thought if they can do so can I! I found this website as I was looking for advise on how fast I should be running. I have been doing 7.5kph and notice this seems to be the average. I am using the treadmill and not ventured out yet. My plan is to keep going now at 30 minutes until Christmas then start working on the 10k! Eek then when the better weather comes in venture outside.

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That's brilliant, well done! Welcome to the community here, and keep us up to date with your post grad runs too!


Hi Lesham, welcome to the forum - oh... ignore the dreadful spammers, admin is trying to get rid of them but it's not easy. You'll find this is a really encouraging and motivating community of people who are all in the same boat as you. We have all got so much strength from this community to keep on going - so IT IS AMAZING THAT YOU HAVE GRADUATED 'ALONE' - Well done you and keep letting us know how you're going, cheers Sara :-)


Hi Lesham, Welcome to the family! I really admire you have almost graduated on your own-I really couldn't have done it without all the wonderful friends I've made on the blog, and the tips I've been given. Only one more week and then welcome to the club from everyone.

Keep us updated as to your progress to Graduation and your PG runs.

Best Wishes,

Colette :-)


Welcome Lesham and congratulation on graduating! I echo Sara and Colette's words - just HOW did you manage to keep going without this wonderful community!!

Keep coming back as it has so much to offer and we can all give something back to from our own experiences.

Now, contact John in admin (see directory above) and get your green shiny bagde to wear with pride next to your name!




Ok so now I'm thinking I haven't actually graduated yet as I've not actually ran 5k yet! 30 minutes doesn't actually mean 5k! I don't really pay attention to the distance, only the time just now. When I started the program I ran at 8.5kph but found it too hard to keep at so dropped to 7.5kph and have kept at this so not sure now how long it would take me to do 5k. I'll keep an eye on distance on next run tho.

I was a Zumba instructor for 2 years and early this year attended a Zumba conference in London. Most of my trousers were tight on me and I just knew I had to do something about it. There was also a keynote speech done there about 'happiness', how to be happy (sort of thing) and that was me, when I got home I put a calorie counting app on my phone and have now lost 2 1/2 stone! The weight loss was slowing down a bit in the summer there, and we also had a death in the family and I just couldn't face the happiness of a Zumba class so decided to take up running. Hubby got me a treadmill, I put c25k on my phone and away I went! Yes it's been tough but I just kept going and feel a real achievement after each run.

I still want to lose another stone or more so hopefully the running will help, and maybe next year do a charity run for sands.


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