Garmin forerunner 10 question

I'm thinking of getting myself a Garmin forerunner 10 as after reading on here they seem to be a good choice for a first GPS watch to track speed and distance

My question is to the ladies who have had one/ have one, which size did you buy? The small (which some reviews say is too small) or the large?

Sorry if this is a silly question but I want to buy right first time

Many thanks


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16 Replies

  • Oh I didn't know there was a small or a large ?

    Ive got a 10 but don't know what size it is.

    Sorry that's not much help at all :-( I hope someone can help xxx

  • Sizes must be a new feature. If you search for reviews you might find a picture - I've noticed for other running watches the reviewer generally demonstrates the band on their wrist.

  • It used to be just one size fits all as there was a series of holes in the wrist band

  • I have a large Forerunner 15. The large or small refers to the size of the watch, not the band. I bought mine from ebay not really knowing what I was doing and because I wanted a black one (couldn't find another one at the time). Some colours only come in small and if I remember rightly some only come in large. I'm 5'7" and wide framed so it's not huge on me but if you're small and delicate a small one might be more comfortable. I only wear mine for running (don't feel compelled to prove yourself when it tells you you're going to slow!) and would find it to clunky to use as a watch, but that's just my taste.

  • Haha I can only dream of being small and delicate lol.

    I'm definitely only going to use it for running and not as a watch. I was worried that if I went for the small it may not be as easy as to read as the large, but also was worried about the large looking too big 🤔

  • It is bigger than I would prefer but to be honest I don't notice it when I'm running. I forget whether the screen is a different size, Certainly the large is very easy to read on the go.

  • When i bought mine the small were the pink, purple and green and the black came in both large and small. In the store here the small were targeted for women.

  • I don't think I had a choice of size, I was more concerned whether I would be able to see the screen! It is small, but strangely enough I can read it outdoors in day light, not a chance indoors...

  • I have a mens orange one (it was on offer) which is quite big but ideal for me to see whilst lolloping along. The prettier colours are smaller watches overall, not sure I could see a smaller one.

    Can you go into a shop and look at them to compare sizes? That might help. ☺

    Ps I think mine is great, oh and you have to name it............

  • Hi there I didn't know they came in different sizes, afraid I was attracted to the colour (lilac). However, if this is small I dread to think how big a large is! I guess you will just have to go to a shop and try them out.

  • Hi. I'm starting on Monday (now I have to 😁). Is there a cheaper alternative to the Garmin ?

  • The strava or endomondo mobile apps will both record distance, pace, where you've been etc but I think the Garmin is more detailed. I've found that with the C25K podcast and endo mondo or strava running it's very easy to accidentally stop one of them.

  • If you're over 40 or you need reading glasses get one with a large screen.

    Trying to peer at it with an outstretched arm isn't a good look!

  • I am going to buy one of these as well and I decided on the small as I am a small 5''2. I do hope I can read it when running but my intention is to download it to strava so that I can keep a record of my hopeful improvement to inspire me to keep going.

  • That's my plan, to hopefully see improvements! 😏

  • Mine is the smaller one. It's not too easy to see while running without reading glasses. I mostly look afterwards except for the first screen.

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