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week 7 run 2 on the road

hi guys, just done week 7 run 2. Decided to have a go on the tarmac instead of the hilly golf course. I had bought some road shoes a couple of months ago that my hubby didn't know about, and I wanted to try them out now that I can say I bought them ages ago, i do need them though, as I have been running in trail shoes. So much "easier" running on the road. We live at the top of a hill, so any run is going to be uphill on the way back, which put me off, but getting a bit bored with the golf course. I know it is about a mile to the end of the road, mostly downhill on the way out, so mostly uphill on the way back. Anyway, did it, and about 2 mins per km faster than on the hilly golf course. However, we are only talking about just under 10 mins per km on the road, so not fast!!! However it is interesting to see the difference. Will probably try to alternate the runs, because I bet the slower and more difficult hilly golf course route is quite good for stamina. Amazed I can "run" for 25 minutes, however slowly. Didn't take the dog today because she is a pain on the lead, especially if there are other people about.

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Brilliant! Glad you enjoyed your run. Only one more left and it's week 8! :-) Happy Running xx


Wow well done! I too live in a very hilly area, there is no flat anywhere. I tell myself it is good for me as I run slower than a snail up them.


Well done Bonniesingh. That's another run ticked off and a new running experience too. :)


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