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Week 5 Run 2 completed and I actually felt like a runner!


Finished the run this evening and by the second half of the second eight minutes was going a bit quicker than my normal Mrs O pace! I ran past some people and I thought

"they actually think I am a runner!!"

I almost had to double take myself as i couldn't believe I was actually still running with ease.

My breathing was nice and rhythmic and it felt good to have achieved it all. My legs are tired tonight and Im looking forward to the 20 mins for my next run. Ive decided to take off a couple of days to see how this feels. Any way thank you all on the forum. God its exciting this! XX

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Well done - and you’re right, they’ll think you’re a runner! You know why? Because you *are* a runner :)

Isn’t it just fab when the legs and the breathing and everything just *works* and feels sooo good? :)

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Thank you!! yes its great when it all comes together. I am actually looking forward to the 20 mins x


Brilliant! Well done! Just done mine too - I have never run gor do long in one go! 😂🏃‍♀️


Whoo hoo! You're smashing it 😀 Good luck for w5r3.


I'm just starting Wk5, I never thought I would get this far. It's incredible how this programme works...... You are a runner by the sounds of it.....lets keep going.......

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thank you, Let me know how it goes this week. Yes it a bit of a miracle this programme. X

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