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Hopefully a corner turned

Have been struggling a while with pain in opposite leg and ankle, not been able to get past third gear. Today went out and everything felt ok so elongated route, tackled Nemesis Hill, that's what I call it anyway, with relative ease. All still good so elongated route again, ran for 45 minutes and a 'sprint' finish. Found 5th gear at last. Now I remember why I love this running lark. Just wanted to share with C25k buddies. Today I learned that the old adage 'don't give up' is true. If anyone else is struggling, and it is safe to do so, keep going, go down a gear if necessary, but stick with the plan. It will not fail, and neither will you. Now looking for 6th gear ;)

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Hee hee. You have your Nemesis Hill and I have The Slope of Doom and the Slope of Death. I love giving these things a name as it makes it more personal.You can hurl insults at your chosen hill or route and threaten it with all sorts. You can wave your fist if you like, just get up the beggar!

I think we have a hill challenge thread running on here. It's called Dune Doom or sommat

Happy running


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