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W7R2. Literally turned a corner

After my dental mishap on the previous run, I set off with determination on run 2.

I have a regular route and I've never made it past the crossroads before I get to the halfway point and turn for home.

Tonight. I turned left at the crossroads and ran an extra 5 metres before it was time to turn.

For me, this was a major victory.

As they say, every little helps.

Another 25 minute non stop run under my belt. Feeling very positive.

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Well done! We run a regular route too, and you're right any improvement, however marginal, rewards you with a real buzz. Keep up the good work!


"The aggregation of marginal gains", as they say. Keep up the small victories and you'll keep enjoying running.


Yay! Go you. I'm the same. I'm up to the point on the canal where the trees stop before I turn around. It's exciting to see what's beyond there. Maybe we'll find out in Week 8.


Yeahhh. Be proud. Well done


Awesome nice one Kas you should be so proud your doing great!!!!!😀


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