Couch to 5K

Hot weather, road rage, dogs, Insects 'Midgies' and breathing

With the lovely warm weather, running is difficult either time of day. Normally i tend to run later in the evening to avoid road traffic, road rage drivers who have plenty of room on the quiet road, who will drive towards you closely and generally people walking their dogs, who allow their dogs leads to become loose. Over the last month I have challenged myself to run further and trying to pace myself breathing and keeping my motivation to go faster has been more challenging with the intake of swallowing flies, midges and the odd spider. Yes even when your breathing through you nose and out from the mouth. Generally this pattern becomes more mouth breathing as Im gasping to spite the buggers out, eventually stopping to choke. After a few seconds of composing my dignity i will then try and commence the run. I have thought of running with such netting hat but I think the neighbours would be talking, that poor man in the bright illuminating tops is now wearing a veil. I think its the bright and safety fluorescent tops that are attracting the flies and bees....

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The perils of this running lark! Those flies just taste so disgusting - I have been known to indulge in very unladylike hawking and spitting! Good job I run in the countryside and don't see many ther people....


My mother calls them the Natives ... not the Nats as in midges but the local people.. Thanks for your response I may encounter a run nearer the coast line. Good luck to your adventures running in the rural countryside


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