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Laura has a glitch!! What should I do?

Week 4, Laura has developed a glitch in every run I play, it started at the moment in the pod cast where she instructs you to start, it was just a long pause of 4 or 5 seconds but today she had me on my warm up walk for about 8 minutes! Has anyone else had this? I thought of reinstalling the app, but will I lose all my progress?

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Download the podcasts instead:

Many people have problems with the app as you've described but the podcasts are brilliant.


As far as I am aware the app can be a bit glitchy. Strangely enough it was not done by the same people as the podcast (NHS choices) and healthunlocked. It was done for the Fit4Life branch of things. So it might be worth letting them know. The only other thing I can suggest is uninstalling it and downloading it again.


Ditch her and run 'naked'. No, not like that, but with nothing in your ears except the sound of birdsong, or what ever is where you run.

I am a firm believer in listening to your body, and not to what you are being told.

Time yourself with a watch, and just enjoy the running. If it doesn't work, re-install Laura.


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