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Last nights posts

I would like to draw a final line under the 30min debate as looking at some of the posts on the forum we are not looking at our best. Please do not be offended by the fact I have deleted some comments under the graduation requirement posts. The reason for it was that some of the comments were very topical to last night and the post will stay up for a long time. I did not want new runners reading the post and getting the wrong idea about the forum because we are such a supportive bunch.

I really hope we can put everything to bed now and start afresh.

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Onward and forward! :-)


Good move, wasnt happy the way this was going


Very wise, and thanks again for pinning. :-)


'The Couch to 5K plan is designed to get you off the couch and gradually work you up to running 5K or for half an hour, in just nine weeks'

I think that spells it out quite clearly.


Good and wise move


There's more than how to run - longer, faster, regularly - to be learned here. We probably need to cut some slack to those individuals whose social skills are taking a bit longer than others - some people are competitive in their running (although it has to be said on here it seems exclusively against oneself, apart from the frequent competition to be the slowest), others like to 'win' a point. I am sure the technical irritations don't help but bait does not have to be risen to, we can just swim/run on by (speaking to myself there as much as anyone).


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