Please don't restrict posts to this community only!

Sometimes I have reason to check to see what is happening in this forum when I am away from my home computer and am not "logged in" to the website - eg at a friends house.

I then find that I cannot read half of the posts - because people, when posting , restrict access to their post to C25K community only.

Not only does this limit me to what I can read - but think of all those other, yet to be C25K'ers , who come across this forum - they also cannot read what is going on!! I can't truly think why anyone would actually want to restrict access to their postings - and can therefore only assume that they are unclear about what it all means???


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13 Replies

  • People have all kinds of reasons for restricting access to posts.

    I always make mine private. I have way too many crazed ex-girlfriends and other undesirable cyber-stalkers that I'd much rather stay hidden from. :D

    Of course, they can always join the forum themselves! But it stops anything unwanted appearing on Google searches and whatnot.

  • So that's why you run then, to escape your crazy exes! 😂😝

  • You never know! :D

  • Bazza I have the same problem when I'm away and now make sure I have my log in details with me. I still like to keep my posts for the community only, people are free to join and participate more fully if they want to. I have nothing to hide but still like to keep posts and pics a bit more inaccessible. Maybe I'm a bit of a dinosaur. Maybe everything is viewable somewhere anyway. My family are always looking over my shoukder- I may be selfish but this is my little bit of my running world x 😊

  • You're not a dinosaur at all! Very wise to practice internet safety xx

  • On the admin forum they have been pushing for all posts to be restricted from the time of signing up and only you can unrestricted them. Most of our members are easy going and we do not put up too much personal information. Some of the other forums have very intimate personal information that they do not want putting all over the Internet for everyone to view. As you say unlocking the post makes it totally visible, now imagine you have paranoia, PTSD and anxiety. To have that visible to everyone when you are at your worst would make you not want to post, and therefore not get the help you need. Healthunlocked works on the principal it doesn't take too much time to log in and then all posts on c25k are visible. It is easier to make it a little harder for us than to expose very vulnerable people.

  • I always lock my posts for security reasons and totally agree with spikymoss and no-excuse. Having said that, I'm the sort of person who thinks every person she meets running could be a crazed serial killer!

  • Sorry, Bazza, but I lock mine by default. I have a professional life and a personal life, both of which need to be put into separate compartments as far as the internet is concerned. I've nothing particular to hide, but I don't want my personal views being confused with my professional ones and vice-versa.

  • Yep, I lock mine too, Bazza. Just don't want all and sundry reading my posts. Sorry :)

  • Sorry Bazza, I'm one of those people too. People I know from 'real life' will know who I am by my username. Not that it's a massive problem, just that this is "my thing", something I enjoy for myself. :-)

  • Yep , I lock mine too. This is my sanctuary , my " me time " a little place just where I can share my thoughts , dreams, achievements and mishaps with people who understand and feel the same :-) xxx

  • I think I do a mix of private and public posts but I'd agree with everyone's sentiments above, about needing privacy sometimes and about the importance of maintaining that in other fora where some posts contain much more personal information. I'm wondering why you don't just log in to the forum forum wherever you are?

  • Yep, I always try to remember to lock mine. Maybe it is different in Oz but the DWP etc in the UK go looking and good deeds do not go unpunished. I may know I'm all kosher and above board but there are too many incentives now for people to twist things :-(

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