Graduation Posts - how about a new category?

I had a thought. Wouldn't it be nice if we could read people's graduation posts, all in one place? They are so inspiring and the comments from our lovely community are so positive, but once posted they tend to disappear into the ether, and it's easy to miss someone's report of that all-important W9R3 if you don't look at the site for a day or two, even if you filter the 'Browse by' category to Week 9.

I imagine it would be fairly easy for the HealthUnlocked content managers to add another category to the CMS called 'graduation post' or similar which would then show up in the list on the RH side and the category choice when you post. And anyone who has already graduated, however long ago, can edit their post and add it to the category, so these significant moments on our collective running journeys are not lost forever in the mists of time!

Any opinions?

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18 Replies

  • I agree! It would be great to be able to look at these posts. As you say, they are soon lost in the midst of everything else going on here. They are lovely to read, and can only help to give more motivation and inspiration to other graduates and new runners alike. x

  • I think that is a very good idea, would you like to raise it with Realfoodieclub who is an administrator? Also you inspired me to find my graduation post:

    I have just read it again and can remember how great it felt!

  • Maybe if we can get a good few replies here I can send them this link and we can show them how eager everyone is. I think its a great idea and very inspirational for new runners, just thinking about setting out on their journey. I will keep an eye on this post and send them the link soon. Thanks for this.

  • I think this is a great idea too. I love reading other people's graduation tales. I've just completed W9R2 this morning, so will be itching to post my own graduation run story here very soon!

  • Brilliant idea. Im a newbie (w1r2 done) and reading peoples stories of how they reached the end really inspired me to start this.

  • Thanks for your support guys! I think it's a brilliant idea, even if I say so myself! ;-) let's just hope there are a few more replies. Aftab, I tried to read your graduation post, however when I click on the link I get 404 Not Found. And Teeraceyb - when you say 'reached the end' - you know it's only just the beginning!! :-)

  • I have fixed the link now.

  • Thank you - really nice post and that is still an impressive time even though I know you've knocked minutes off it since!

  • Hi TurboTortoise - yes i see what you mean. At the moment with 8 weeks to go its all i can think about to get to that magic 9th week. I do hope its just the beginning though!

  • yes i think this is a good idea. Before i got there it was always good to see people doing it and making it feel more achievable. And totally agree it is not the end at all!! Planning on entering a 10k in June and seeing how well i progress to potentially do a hm! Never would habe thought it back last Oct!

  • A brilliant idea, surprised no one thought of it before !

  • What a great idea! I have to admit to not actually posting a graduation post, but reading everyone elses was so inspiring and definitely kept my spirits up on those tougher runs.

  • It is a nice idea, but considering that about five thousand people have joined this forum since I did, nine months ago, I think they might soon get swamped. However it would enable you to browse back and see who has graduated over the past few weeks. It gets my vote.

  • Great idea

  • I like this idea, I know I like to read people's graduation run (and whatever folk might chose to reflect on) and offer my congratulations. This would make that easier. I also think some of us might like to look back on our own graduation posts in the years to come!

  • I'm definitely backing this suggestion.

    It would be an inspirational repository for all!

  • A great idea! I graduated about a year ago and was always hugely inspired by those doing wonderful things and achieving goals.

    Following the mega 'upgrade' of the website last year I think lots of the obvious links and tags seemed to be confused ... BUT, it is still possible to search for, say, 'graduation day' in the little search box at the top of the page.

    I've just done a few searches and they're higgledy piggledy all over the place under searches like 'graduation', 'finished', 'W9R3', 'done', 'hooray' etc etc and, of course, these searches show up other things like - how do I get my badge, I can't do this week, any suggestions about how to tackle this etc etc.

    Perhaps someone at GHQ HU can suggest a word or phrase that every successful graduate should/must include in their title/article so that these inspirational blogs are automatically gathered together for everyone to peruse? Otherwise, it's a task for someone there to read, select and place them in a category where everyone can find them easily!

  • Ahhh - you know I think I must have joined the site just as the upgrade took place last year as I registered and then couldn't get in for a few days. I have never really got the hang of searching via the tags, as they seem so random, and often quite surreal... What I'm proposing is much simpler than some poor admin soul having to search and tag relevant posts - more like the recent addition of the 'Graduates 5k+' category in the 'Browse by category' list on the RH side. It would be called 'Week 9 Run 3 - Graduation!' (or something snappier!) and would appear as an option on the pull-down list when people are creating a new post. Any graduate members still active on the site would just have to find and edit their old post. Of course it means lots of posts would be lost but as Monsieur Truffe says there are so many people on the site now it would soon get swamped. But it would be an opt-in choice for anyone who wants it.

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