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Running apps with half time dinger?


I finished C25K!!! Go me!

I'm going to do few more weeks of week 6 and I want to increase my distance. Which apps will give me the handy 'ding ding' bell that I'm half way through that I get with C25K? i have looked at loads but can't find any that do this- I run on long lanes so it helps if I get a 'turn round now' prompt.

Whils I'm at it, do the post C25k Nhs podcasts give you a half time ding? I'd like to use them , but don't want to end up miles away.....thanks in advance!!

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Just set a timer on your phone. If you have Siri or similar you can just talk to your phone and say “15 minute timer” then it’ll ping you when it’s time to turn ariubd


I’ve tried Nike Run Club before C25K, which was a mistake, but it will be the app I return to when I graduate. It gives a half way update, and more if you like (every 30 seconds, every half mile etc)

It nearly killed me as I can’t run for 10 minutes yet, but if you’ve graduated c25k it’s gonna be ok. It also does running plans for free, and will make you cross train with its sister app Nike training club. Highly recommended by some good runners I’ve watched for years.

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ah ok, ill give it a go- I tried the Samsung health app tonight, which was good as it showed I actually cover 5k although difficult to set,but there was a stupid automated voice that kept telling me to run faster !! No thanks, I'm doing my thing here and just want to get to 5k comfortably......:)

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Yeah... Nike app does have the ability to be that a’hole too! If you use the plans in training for race mode, some of the runs are paced and you’ll get that annoyance... but you can do start up and make me a better athlete if you don’t need that.


I like Runkeeper. You can tell it to tell you when you are at your halfway point whether it's time or distance. Very simple to use!

I graduated four weeks ago and now run only to music. I have one playlist and I know the five minute marker, the halfway point as well as the twenty five minute marker so I know how to pace myself. I find it easier than a timer I'd have to fumble to turn off, or a voice barking instructions at me.

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