I have just done my first ever park run, alongside Ewan Thomas!!

Two of my old school friends who are identical twins and are both very experienced marathon runners offered to go with me on

my first ever park run today. It is local to me but isn't the closest one to home, although I am lucky to have quite a few near me, so wasn't one I had considered for my first one but I agreed to run under their very experienced wings.

Today the weather seems to have gotten worse but as we stood queued to start in the driving rain and wind, I could hear people saying that some guy called Thomas was running with us but being like a deer caught in the headlights I didn't fully pick up on what they were saying until I was greeted with Ewan Thomas standing right next to me!! I was completely stunned! My first ever parkrun and I have an Olympic athlete running next to me, albeit for a few seconds as he left me for dust!!

The route was three times around a very water logged gravel, grass and mud bogs, oh not to mention the puddles, route with a steady uphill climb for at least half of it! By the first lap my legs were burning! Not only was I not use to continuous up hill for that amount of time but the mud was vacuuming my feet in and was a lot of effort to get out of. My marathon running friends ran like they were floating on air, it all seemed so effortless for them as they offered me words of encouragement as I plodded round

I did have two 60 second walking breaks to catch my breath on the second lap and as Ewan lapped me for the first time he patted me on the shoulder and told me to keep going and that I am doing really well! That gave me such a boost as I waded through the mud and leaves.

Final lap and I feel ok, I do take another 60 second break at the top of the hill to ease my calves then was off again. As I rounded the bend on to the finishing straight I felt amazing!! And crossed the line with my friends applauding my efforts :)

I did it in 37.19! Which given the off road running and weather conditions is better than I thought I would be, and I wasn't last, coming in 83 but with at least 20 other people still behind me!

I cannot wait for my next parkrun on Saturday :)

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25 Replies

  • Well jell. :)

  • I was amazing ;)

  • Lol, yes you were.... lemon doodle meanwhile looks out the window and shudders...

  • Whoopsie that should have said it was amazing! Hehe!

  • No, you were right first time! Congratulations.

  • I must remember to proof read before posting lol! I think it was the excitement of having completed my first parkrun. :)

  • Congratulations on a great run

  • Thank you, I will probably feel it tomorrow.

  • Well done! It's a great feeling isn't it; & running besides marathon runners & Olympic athletes, wow! I missed Eddie Izzard when he came to our parkrun (I was working :-( he's my hero for his running & I mentioned him on my Olympic Park run application) There were some famous runners at the Olympic park run but I was so far back I didn't see any!

  • I was in a daze! I am not normally starstruck but it was so unexpected. Iwan tweeted his time of 21.57 and that it was the toughest parkrun he had ever done. So I think Laura is amazing to get me running anywhere near his time :)

  • Wow, that really must have been an exciting experience - well done on your first parkrun, one to remember!

  • It really was fantastic :)

  • Congratulations on first Park run and great time At my first one all I wanted to do was to complete it and still be breathing Bet when you first started this running you would be in company of Olympian !

  • That is so true fit for 60. I ran it in a very surreal state. I still cannot believe I did it. My friends really helped get me through it.

  • Congratulations on your 1st parkrun.

    ***Vikor applaudes***

    Whose Ewan Thomas? Viktor, scratches head...oh... he's that ginger head athlete.

    I quite like him.

  • Yes that is him. He ran the 400 and 800 meters but now is a sports commentator. He also runs the great north and south runs as well as the Virgin London marathon but as an individual rather than as a professional.

  • Well done, what a fanatsic post. So nice there is encouragement everywhere. Happy running.

  • I am so very lucky to have such supportive and truly inspiring friends. They encouraged me so much all the time and at no point did I feel like I was holding them back although I know both can run it in less than 25 minutes.

  • Amazing! What a great experience! Well done

  • Thank you ;)

  • Question: Are parkruns muddy?

  • The one I did today was but I know another that is close to me that isn't. I think it depends on the park and the route that they use.

  • Hmmm, mud all over my new Mizuno's (the pain, the pain).

  • I know that feeling. I used my old ones today but treated myself to a nice new pair of asics and a Soleus running watch. The thought of getting my new ones muddy is horrifying. I am going to use my old ones for the muddier events for now.

  • Maybe I'll do the parkruns in the spring. I'm not a fan of mud.

    I remember doing an army fitness session in the park early last year.

    My trainers just got ruined. I couldn't stand seeing all the dried up mud in the sole, which kept falling out over my floor. I had to sling them in the end.

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