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The Dozz-ville Challenge Award extension! You can still complete and see the awesome appellation 'triathlete' after your name!

8/8/14 is the new completion date. Keep going everyone! Victory is nigh! How much can we make before retirement?

Suggestions for 2/3 finishers? Biathlon has already been taken by a different sport, so -

2/3 triathlete or duathlete?

Which do you reckon?

Our latest successful heroes!

Second Lieutenant Net68 (triathlete)

Second Lieutenant Agedsnailspace (triathlete)

Second Lieutenant Rignold (triathlete)

Second Lieutenant helcl (triathlete)

Second Lieutenant teabreaks (triathlete)

Second Lieutenant nannybuttons (2/3 triathlete or a duathlete)

Second Lieutenant BethC (triathlete)

Sorry if I messaged earlier and you and you'd already finished.

If I have missed your completion post let me know.

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This doesn't mean I have do it again next week does it? :/ x


Of course not! Unless you want to that is! It's to let people see who's successfully taken on and achieved the challenge.


oooh I'm a second lieutenant!! and a triathlete! This is cool.


You have to be a troop too, more fun! If you have a specific ability you could have your own division too. For example Captain poppypug (ents and haberdashery div, triathlete) got the haberdashery div cos she crocheted my swimming onesie.


I must have been crazy thinking i could do this the same week i moved house and we had tickets to 2 Commonwealth Games events AND my brother-in-law is coming up to see the Commonwealth Boxing tournament with my husband and staying overnight. What a positive thinker i was!

I did put a pound into the box at the laundrette though. For the cancer trust. (Thats not the exact name, but cancer research was the purpose.)

Sorry to let you down, sir.


NCO Nilzed, wow you were run off your feet. Thank you for your charity contribution, I'll make sure you get a mention. Doz


20K Bike Ride - completed! 5K run x 2 - completed...

Now to jump in the river... :)


Mind those ducks!


20 minutes - hotel swimming pool in Finland..

More like "avoiding drowning" than actual real swimming like most Aussies can do... :)

With my 20K bike ride and my 12K run over the last 14 days I am now going to have a beer and find somewhere in this hotel to print my certificate!


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