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Poundland, the allotment and Grandad's Lucky Dips

The final day of the award has passed. Tomorrow will see the full list of competitors.

Our final successful heroes!

Second Lieutenant PaperclipKate (extreme-salsaciser, triathlete)

Second Lieutenant aliboo70 ((triathlete)

Second Lieutenant Curlygurly (extreme-lawnmower, triathlete)

Second Lieutenant Treemouse (duathlete)

Second Lieutenant FrockyHorror (kayaking triathlete)

If I have missed your completion post let me know.

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Hey Dozz, I think a special mention for Aliboo's little dog , George. Frisbee catcher , doggy paddler and extreme tail- wagger as featured on Youtube :-) xxx


aah thanks poppy he will like that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)


Huzzah George!


hes extra waggy now! :)


Yay! Thanks for including me! They should make lawn mowing one of the official stages of the triathlon, at least "lawns" like mine... never worked so hard in my life, I can tell you I won't ever be doing that again....


You could get one of those sit and ride numbers?


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