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Jolly D - it seems I am making progress afterall :-)

I have done a lot of grumbling on this site about how slow I run, how I don't feel i am improving. I am a pretty underconfident runner - so for me any run is a good run as better than no run.

This morning up bright and early - to begin my second week of B210k - chose a new route (silly me)- but set off for the three sets of 15 mins. Now I am not saying they were easy - and i did run out of running route before I completed the full 3 sets of 15 mins. However, I seemed be in a gliding along place and when I landed back home - actually had bags of energy in my legs (but did not feel compelled to continue as there was a horrid hill and I had a hair appt....).

So overall I feel pretty chuffed - that is the best confidence boosting run I have had in a long time. Looks like all that interval training and capacity building is starting to pay off.

Hooray Hooray - roll on the next run:-)

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So pleased for you - what a lovely, positive post! :-)

It's so easy to loose sight of how far we've come and what we've achieved, especially if you keep raising the bar, so to speak, and aiming for longer/faster/further.

I definitely think there is a certain point in a run (for me, it's after about 25 minutes), when everything seems to fall into place and you feel like you could (almost) run for ever - your legs feel relaxed and well-oiled and you've stopped worrying about your breathing. Shame it takes me so long in a run!

Really hope your next run is as satisfying :-)


Excellent suzybenj. It really is good to hear that it is working for you now and just shows that despite the occasional lead-legged slog, when you wonder why you are doing this thing, there is a good run, full of satisfaction and achievement just waiting for you to put your shoes on and get going.


thankee for encouragement. :-)


Well done. I just hope I will be like you in the future. On week 5 now so have some way to go.


thank you - keep going - it is a great programme. Happy running :-)


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