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Android "RUNZI" App for data lovers

I was planning on doing some experimenting next week to try to ascertain what running cadence feels "right" for me. I have short legs and I feel that I need to run at a high cadence to feel comfortable when running and much of the Podcasts and running music available is way too slow for me. I have a Metronome App in my Android phone as well as some music of different BPM's from Podrunner and I was going to use them in my experiment.

But now I have discovered RUNZI


It uses the phone's accelerometer to (among other things) monitor the beat of the feet and also measures the physical impact resulting from those footstrikes. This enables a more objective analysis of what impact my running form at different BPM's has (as well as the subjective feel that we all have when running)

Has anybody used it??

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Sounds interesting. Wonder if it would work on my tablet :-)


Hmm -- it is the sort of thing that you need to use on a phone, not a tablet -- unless of course you run with a tablet? :) It is Android only - not Apple ( that makes a pleasant change!!) and your phone would need an accelerometer which most modern smartphones have.


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