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Contrary wife!!

What should I do? I took the Mrs out for her W4(?)R3 last night only to find our usual starting point bursting with cars all with LAMM (Lowe Alpine Mountain Marathon), KIMM (Karrimor International Mountain Marathon), Fell Runners Association etc stickers in their windows. HELP, these guys are seriously good and the Mrs is a C25K undergrad. I tried to bolster her flagging spirits by saying 'we all have to start somewhere', and 'at least we are out running', only to have a very tired Mrs K say she would prefer to be tucking into a lovely meal with a glass of white. I pointed out that I was cooking her a nice meal, to which she snapped that she wasn't hungry!!

Can I ever do right for doing wrong?

We manged to finish the run and she claimed to have enjoyed it....

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In my experience 'pointing things out' to wives when their spirits are flagging never ends well.

I am reading Feet in the Clouds at the moment. Those Fell running fellahs certainly put my struggles into some perspective.

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We did 'Feet in the Clouds' for a book club book a couple of years ago ! Those fell running tales are incredible, especially in the days before running shoes,GPS etc. A very good book, we all enjoyed it immensely even though not a single one of us was a runner of any kind at the time !!


We bumped into some fell runners some years ago in Yorkshire. We were getting kitted out in our full gear for an assault on Whernside; rucksacks full; waterproofs checked and re-checked, etc, etc. These old and wiry chaps and chapesses were wearing next-to-nothing. A pair of micro-shorts, a singlet and carrying nothing.

We thought they were bonkers.

We trotted off, full kit weighing us down and clouds slowly lifting. These guys scuttled off into the distance and we waited for the rescue teams to come and collect them. Oh, how wrong were we!! As we puffed and panted our way up, they disappeared and were next seen by us as we neared the top, and they were at the bottom getting into their cars ready to go home or the nearest hostelry.


Ha ha, you lose some, you lose some ;)


Well, I'm sure you know by now that it's always your fault! :-)


Oh yes, 24 years of marriage has taught me that much!


May be better to let Mrs Sallycycle have her own journey on this one. It must so hard to go out with others at different levels and certainly would be a confidence deflater! You should join her after she graduates and do the parkrun together. Don't forget to have a lovely bottle of white in the fridge for graduation day!! Wish her luck from us! :)


White on order from wine merchant (OK, the local Co-op),

She wants to run with me, and I keep time for her.

A parkrun is a great idea, BUT, we have to get our son to rowing at 8 on Sat morning and Mrs Sally is also starting to row!! I am so pleased that she is, so I don't want to throw a spanner in the proverbial.


Fantastic!! I bought a concept 2 and use it on my rest days. I love it! Rowing is fun and bloody hard!!


Son and heir is a fanatical rower and has just become the 4th fastest (age group) quad in the country. Regatta last Sat and his club's this weekend. Mrs Sally has just started.

Concepts are fantastic, but a tad noisy.

His training is a double session on Sat and Sun mornings; after-school on Mon, Tues and Thurs.

Incredibly fit and slim.

Enjoy(?) your Concept, and have you ever read Monty Halls' article in Outdoor fitness mag where he writes about them? Worth a read, if you can find it.


Thank you I shall read it! I am sure you are very proud of your son.He is doing great! I think I recall you saying now in a previous post when my daughter maintained her county champion title. Keeps you busy and travelling!....


I remember! I take it she is still running? James will be starting that over the summer, along with more cycling and swimming. OMG, he is keen on duathlons and triathlons too, but nothing, and I mean nothing (except school) gets in the way of rowing.


Its just a women thing, you did all the right things, wish my hubby was as understanding when I'm being 'difficult' ;) Its really good that you have got your wife out and running my hubby is still firmly glued to the couch where I've had to join him this last few weeks. I feel a difficult period coming on again this injury malarkey is so frustrating ;)


Thanks. Injuries are so annoying and debilitating. It will get better, and you will be out there before you know it.

Take it easy and look after yourself.


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